The Gaggia Latte Art Pannarello Wand

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 26, 2019 4 min read
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So you have a Gaggia machine with an auto-frothing wand but you want to take your frothing to the next level..You know that super-fine microfoam that’s capable of pouring latte art.

Well if you have any one of a number of Gaggia machines from their semi-autos like the Classic and more, to current bean to cup machines like the Brera, some of the newer Animas and even machines that are no longer manufactured but still in use there’s an easy low-cost way to get a super fine microfoam.

And It’s this magic little device, the Gaggia Latte Art Pannarello Wand. and it’s compatible with just about every Gaggia machine that has a steam pipe. Now it still functions as an auto frothing wand, but slide off the outer sleeve and shazam, you’ve got a single hole steam tip that mimics those on commercial espresso machines.

Now even if you are not into pouring pretty pictures on your drinks, with a little skill you will be able to create a milk froth that’s finer, smoother and creamier. So stay with me and I’ll show you how to do that. Now that finer froth - with it’s creamy and more delicate texture, it really improves mouth feel.


So a closer look at the wand. With the sleeve on, it auto froths just like the pannarello wand that came with your machine. A small hole near the top sips in small amounts of air and injects it into the milk. Just like the standard wands, for best performance you need to keep it clean… especially the air intake hole. Now if you need some tips on working with an auto-frothing wand use the link up here to our video: How to Auto-Froth Milk for Lattes.

So changing out your old wand to the new is easy. It will either just pull off like this one or if you have the type with a nut at the top just loosen the nut and then pull off. To put on the latte art wand, take off the outer sleeve, hold the shaft and loosen the top nut. With it loosened up you should be able to slide it onto the steam pipe. Push it up as far as you can, at least an inch or so, and then tighten the top nut as much as possible. You don’t need pliers, but it does need to be secure so it doesn’t pop-off when steaming - ‘cause that gets messy.

When frothing with the sleeve on, it works as an auto-frothing wand. Just like your old one. Not a lot of skill required, but if you do want some tips be sure and use the link up top for that video I mentioned.

Frothing Manually

To froth manually just slide the sleeve off. Now manual frothing requires a little skill and it’s all about tip position and of course lot’s of practice. So you want to start with the tip below, but very close to the surface of the milk. The idea is to rip in small amounts of air at the start of frothing using the venturi effect of the steam power in relation to the surface of the milk to suck the air in. As the milk expands, you lower the pitcher to maintain the tip position relative to the surface off the milk. You should be done adding air by the time the outside of the pitcher starts to feel warm. When you feel that, it’s time to lower the tip into the milk just a little more. This stops any more air from being added. From there, find a tip position and angle that rolls the milk which helps break up bubbles and create a finer texture. Continue this heating and rolling until the outside of the pitcher is heated almost to the point of being uncomfortable to hold. That gets you about 140-150 degrees which is what we like for best milk flavor.

Now I’m no latte artist - and I’ll have Todd our resident pour master in soon to show you just what can be done with milk frothed using this wand - so watch for that video. But, do notice the very fine texture of the milk as I pour. Manual frothing really does make a difference. Now If you’re interested in the latte art wand use the link up here to learn more and purchase. at about 20 bucks it’s an easy upgrade. Even if you don’t want to pour latte art take your milk-based espresso beverages to the next level with a finer and creamier froth.

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