To Doser or Not to Doser?

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 25, 2023 2 min read
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Is it nobler to suffer the wipes and cleanup of static electricity, or to time the shots exact into yon portafilter?

Apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, but that essentially is the question when one wants to decide between a dosered or a doserless grinder, like the Rancilio Rocky which is available in both versions.

Need help deciding? Here are the main highlights and pros and cons of each:


The doser really shines if you have a lot of people using the grinder in a house or office setting. It catches all of the grounds from the grinder, and dispenses them with a pull of the dosing arm.

Pros: The doser will help keep your counter clean and prevent coffee grounds from being wasted. If you overload the portafilter, you can just dump the excess grind back in to the doser.

Cons: If you grind multiple types of coffee, there can be a cross-contamination of the grounds. While espresso grind mixed in with French press coffee isn't a big deal, the reverse can mean a bad shot. And, unused grounds may sit in the doser until the next use, when they may not be fresh.


A doserless grinder is much more straightforward. You grind directly into your portafilter or container, and eliminate the doser from the equation.

Pros: No possible mixing of grind sizes; what you grind is exactly what is coming out of the machine. Once you perfect your timing, you'll be able to grind only what you need for fresh coffee every time.

Cons: Neat freak alert! A few coffee grounds may go astray, every which way, from the static electricity that normally results from the grinding process. But, if you're ok with a wipe of the counter, it's not a huge trade off. Also, if you don't have your timing down, chances are you will end up wasting some grounds.

When it comes down to it, your preferences will determine which kind of grinder you should get. Try to make your decision based on your lifestyle and coffee routine; if you're really stuck call us at 888-411-5282 (JAVA).

Already have a grinder? Tell us if your grinder has a doser or not and share your experiences here!