Broccoli Brew - A Fun Way to Increase Your Veggie Intake À La Latte

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: July 21, 2022 2 min read
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We should have seen this coming. Sooner or later the coffee and fitness & health communities would meet and create a new fad to hit the coffee and espresso scene. Who knew we could enjoy a latte with a healthy serving of...broccoli?

Broccoli powder.Broccoli brew became popular in 2018 as one of the latest and unique creations that we’re curious to dive into with you all. The idea of mixing broccoli with a latte, cappuccino or any espresso-based drink feels like my mom is finally getting me to eat my vegetables. However, if you swing by your local coffee shop and watch a pro-barista whip up this interesting drink, you’ll actually find that this is the healthiest way to treat yourself to a latte. Here’s what else we know about broccoli brew.

Where It Started

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Hort Innovation created the Australian green drink and tested it at the Melbourne Café where it received “mixed” reviews from local coffee lovers. The idea to create this nutrient-packed latte was inspired by both organization’s efforts to encourage Australians to increase their veggie intake and “reduce vegetable waste”—instead of tossing imperfect-looking broccoli in the trash, Australian researchers aimed to create healthy food products from ‘ugly’ produce.

How It’s Made

Broccoli Brew is surprisingly not hard to come by. You might be able to find an ambitious barista willing to make this quirky drink at your local coffee shop, or you can even find packaged Broccoli powder available for purchase online or in-stores. But, before you start setting up your kitchen to test out this drink, here’s how it’s made. Add two tablespoons of dried broccoli powder to your cup and pull a double shot of espresso. Give it a good mix and then grab a pitcher to steam milk creating a perfect consistency for lattes. Pour in the steamed milk and top it off with a bit more broccoli powder, and you’ve got a healthy Broccoli Brew Latte to start your day. Think you might give it a shot?

How It Tastes

I did a little digging to find a brave soul on Twitter who actually tried Broccoli Brew, and…

Shortly followed by anxious Twitter users awaiting the verdict. Murphy Peoples finally announced, “It was baaaaaaad. I’m gonna stick with fresh veggies for my fiber,”. I think that might be all of the convincing that I needed.

What’s Next

It doesn’t stop there latte lovers, broccoli’s fraternal twin stepped onto the stage shortly after, Cauliflower Coffee is the new wave.