969.Coffee Elba 1 Review: A Compact Powerhouse Espresso Machine

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: October 3, 2019 2 min read
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969.Coffee’s Elba 1 is an incredible heat exchange machine that heats up in an impressive 15 minutes. While the Elba 1 is not a PID machine, it still has extremely stable temperatures and is equipped with a chrome-plated brass E61 group to get keep things nice and hot throughout the brew group and your portafilter.

The Elba 1 is known as a compact machine with uncomparable functionality for any user within its class. The six-legged prosumer has a completely removable drip tray (unlike other machines with fixed rails that a tray would slide onto) which is a plus for easy cleaning and maintenance or if you’re looking to brew lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos and more, in a larger cup or travel mug.

Elba 1 espresso machine.

Quick Tip: Remember to run a cooling flush on the Elba 1 after steaming or between espresso shots to bring down the temperatures and purge any overheated water.

The generous 1.5-liter copper boiler stands out on the Elba 1 and is paired with 1500 watts of brewing and steaming power. To ensure you’re keeping an eye on the steaming pressures, 969.Coffee added a steam pressure gauge on the front of the machine so you’ll always be mindful of your steam pressure when making milk-based beverages.

Another impressive feature on the Elba 1 are the safety features to ensure that your Elba 1 will be running smoothly for years to come. 969.Coffee equipped the Elba 1 with anti-flood protection and low water detection. The anti-flood protection feature cuts the pump after the brew lever has been depressed for 90 seconds to prevent flooding. The low water detection ensures that if the pumps runs for more than 3 minutes and are unable to fill the boiler, it will automatically shut down. Both features are great options that are sure to keep your Elba 1 running strong.

If that’s not enough to convince that the Elba 1 is a mini powerhouse, check out this awesome photo of an Elba 1 user pairing their machine with the Baratza 270Wi grinder to pull great shots day after day.