Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine Review

by Nick Brown Updated: August 26, 2019 3 min read
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You’ve got a single boiler machine, and you’re considering an upgrade. You want temperature stability, steaming power and you need it all in a reliable package that doesn’t require a lot of space. If that’s you, then the Bezzera BZ10 should get your attention. This semi-auto hits a real sweet spot with solid prosumer capabilities at a very attractive price. Today an in-depth look at the Bezzera BZ10. Excuse us if we’re a little excited (and it’s not because we’ve had too many espressos). No it’s because this compact and capable beauty is available in the United States exclusively from Whole Latte Love.


Now Bezzera has been making machines for more than a century so they’ve got a clue or two on how to do things right. This machine has a lot of power and with its’ slim design doesn’t take up much counter space. The BZ10 model has been available across the pond for a couple years and when you look at user reviews from overseas, owners just love it.


It has a heat exchange boiler which means brewing and steaming at the same time. And, the dual thermostatically controlled heating elements heat the whole brew group to help maintain a stable brew temperature that is much better than a single boiler machine.

Of course the other huge benefit to a heat exchange machine is no waiting! No waiting for steam, it’s always there. No waiting for, or need to cool down a boiler after steaming and before brewing like you would on single boiler machine.

Brew Temperature

Heat exchange boilers provide very consistent brew temps. And on the BZ10 brew temps are even more consistent with an electrically heated brew group. The heated group ups the temperature stability and bonus, it’s ready to brew faster than thermosiphon E61 groups - which are very common on machines at this level. So maybe 10 minutes from on-to-brew instead of 20 or more with an E61.


We should also mention reliability on this machine. First, a high quality Ma-Ter combination pressurestat, vacuum relief and pressure relief valve. Those are 3 wear parts usually replaced separately. Much easier to deal with the 3-in-1 part. Also, you’ve got the vacuum relief and OPV draining to the water reservoir so no water spraying around inside the machine. And, the Gicar control box is down low to keep it away from heat

There’s an adjustable low-current pressurestat with a relay to prevent arcing - insuring long life. Water level in the 3 liter reservoir is sensed by a pressure plate which is generally more reliable than in tank electrical sensors.

The 1.5 liter boiler is made of nickel-plated copper and the internal heat exchanger is removable. The brew group removes with 3 bolts making for easy maintenance. The BZ10 uses a vibration pump which is among one of the quietest we’ve heard. It doesn’t quite match a rotary pump for noise but comes really close


The exterior case is all stainless steel. With a large cup warming surface up top and an easy to remove drip tray. You’ve got a nice dual needle gauge for for monitoring brew and steam pressure.


We like the joystick controls for steam and hot water. It’s infinite control on the steam side and a lock on position when pushed up. The hot water side has no lock position and outlet piping positions easily with a ball joint.

Power and brew switches are chromed plastic with a solid feel and good contact points. The portafilter has an angled handle that sets it level with a countertop for easy level tamping.


Overall the Bezzera BZ10 packs a lot of power. Along with current users of the machine we’re impressed with the steaming power. We like the compact size and thoughtful design which makes using and maintaining the machine easier than most others in its’ class.

That’s the Bezzera BZ10, exclusively at Whole Latte Love. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest on everything coffee and as always - thanks for reading.