JURA GIGA 10 Review

by Joshua Apisdorf Updated: August 25, 2023 6 min read
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What happens when you fuse the cold brew extraction of the JURA Z10 with the dual grinders of the JURA GIGA 6? You get the JURA GIGA 10— a powerhouse super-automatic with the customization potential of an entire cafe.

The Revolutionary GIGA 10
JURA GIGA 10 Review

JURA GIGA 10 Espresso Machine

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With two grinders and the ability to brew hot and cold espresso beverages the GIGA 10 truly delivers the café to your countertop. Featuring a full color three panel display known as the Panorama Coffee Panel, self-service and customization of your favorite coffee and espresso beverages has never been easier.

While combining two fantastic machines could have been enough on its own, the GIGA 10 also manages to add even more features into the mix including a panoramic touch display, new flat ceramic burrs for its grinders, 35 preprogrammed drinks and more.

Join me as I outline what makes this machine special and decide for yourself if it’s worth picking up for your espresso needs.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the GIGA 10 bears striking resemblances to the two machines that inspired it.

The two bean hoppers are reminiscent of the JURA GIGA 6 while the dual spouts and “Diamond Black” color are both callbacks to the JURA Z10. The GIGA 10 really does look like a seamless blend of both its predecessors, which seems appropriate given its capabilities. More on that later.

The GIGA 10 is 16.3 inches tall, 12.6 in wide, and weighs 36.8 lbs. With these dimensions, the GIGA 10 is by no means a small machine, so you’d better prepare space on your countertop to accommodate it. Its big footprint is understandable since it’s carrying the capabilities of two machines, but it’s still something to keep in mind for your kitchen.

GIGA 10 on Counter

The GIGA 10 sporting JURA’s Black Diamond color.

You may notice that the stainless steel drip tray has black plastic strips along its surface. While it may seem an odd choice at first, this design actually minimizes scratching by reducing contact between cups and the stainless steel. That seems a fair trade to me, and the appearance of the tray isn’t greatly diminished by the plastic anyway.

Also of note is that the width of the dual spouts can be adjusted depending on your needs. Make the sprouts wider for preparing two coffee drinks at once OR narrow their width to accommodate smaller espresso style cups.

As far as looks go, the GIGA 10 has the feel and appearance of a premium machine that looks at home in a spacious home kitchen or workplace common area.

What’s Under the Hood

When discussing the GIGA 10’s main features, it’s important to note what JURA kept from the Z10 and GIGA 6 as well as what they chose to improve.

Most notably, the GIGA 10 retains the GIGA 6’s dual grinder setup AND the Z10’s cold extraction capabilities.

Thanks to two separate fluid systems for pumping hot and cold water, the GIGA 10 can make cold brew while the dual grinders give you unprecedented levels of customization.

Essentially, the dual grinder system allows for each grinder to serve different roles depending on what type of brewing you’re after.

GIGA 10 Dual Grinders

The GIGA 10 has two grinders that can be set up with unique coffees and grind settings.

Want one grinder dedicated to hot brews and the other to cold? The GIGA 10 can do that. Want one grinder for decaf and the other for caffeinated? You’re covered. Want to mix those beans for a half-caf beverage? Go for it!

Other customizations like varying temperature, volume, and flavors are also completely under your control. The GIGA 10 allows you to mix beans in each hopper in increments of 25% from 0% to 100%, giving you a huge amount of control over your finished beverage.

Complimenting the grinders are two fluid systems and thermoblocks. These elements can perform parallel preparation, producing espresso AND hot milk simultaneously for Caffe Latte drinks, and offer 3 milk temperatures for you to choose from.

The GIGA 10 also allows you to brew with pre-ground coffee if you choose, further adding to the drink personalization available to you.

Overall, I was extremely impressed by JURA’s dedication to giving the GIGA 10 this much customizability. Between the dual grinder setup and the ability to brew both hot and cold drinks, I figured it couldn’t get much better….

But then I experienced the touch screen first hand.

User Experience

A lot of the magic of the GIGA 10 comes from its slick user interface and quality of life features. This has got to be one of the cleanest experiences I’ve ever had with a machine’s touch display.
The GIGA 10 has a “Panorama Coffee Panel” interface, which is a full color 3-screen touch display that separates selection and interface elements for a more intuitive experience.

GIGA 10 Panorama Coffee Panel

The Panorama Coffee Panel includes 3 full color touch screens.

Despite the apparent separations in the display, finger swipes will register even as you slide your finger from screen to screen. This lets each screen display unique information without making it awkward to adjust settings that require sliders that extend across all the screens.

As intuitive as the screen itself is, the settings and controls are even more so. The GIGA 10 comes prepackaged with 35 hot and cold drink settings that you can customize as you see fit, either temporarily or permanently. Each menu displays 9 drinks, and cycling through the options is a breeze.

Customizing drink options is simple. Just press and hold on a drink icon and you’ll be sent to a menu that lets you permanently alter that drink to your specifications. You can also temporarily adjust drinks on the bottom of the main panel if you don’t feel like committing fully to experiments.

My suggestion is to try some of the 35 prepackaged options first to see what you enjoy, then start experimenting with the customization options. The sky's the limit, and it’s great that the GIGA 10 gives you a strong baseline to work from as you discover new ways to enjoy your coffee.

Streamlined Maintenance and Digital Adjustments

If you’re like me, you might wait just a bit too long to perform routine maintenance on your coffee machine. Thankfully, the GIGA 10 makes consistent and thorough maintenance as easy as brewing coffee.

The “JURA Cockpit” screen provides status updates on all of the machine’s systems with progress bars and icons on the main display making it immediately clear when it’s time to perform maintenance.

You’ll also enjoy the new JURA AGA (Automatic Grinder Adjustment) system, which digitally adjusts the grinder to keep it consistent throughout extensive use. Though this feature won’t be immediately apparent in your day to day brewing, it serves a vital role of keeping your GIGA 10’s grinder going strong over the years.

Water filter status, milk system cleaning, descaling, and brew unit cleaning are all also constantly monitored, letting you worry less about remembering maintenance and more about enjoying brewing coffee. You can even have the GIGA 10 perform diagnostics on itself if you think something is amiss.

GIGA 10 JURA Cockpit

The GIGA 10 Cockpit makes maintenance a breeze.

Besides routine maintenance, the GIGA 10 also excels at making adjustments during and between the brewing process.

For example, if you’re ever low on beans, the grinders will detect it and let you know to add more.

Overall, the maintenance tools at my disposal made the GIGA 10 even more streamlined, and I appreciated that it valued even that part of the coffee-making experience.


If you’re looking for a machine that truly does it all, from hot and cold drinks to caffeinated, decaf, blends and more, the JURA GIGA 10 is an easy recommendation.

The sheer customization that this machine offers makes it worthwhile, especially if you’re the type that enjoys experimenting with a ton of different drink configurations. This is also especially useful in an office setting or when entertaining guests since the GIGA 10 can handle preferences from across a wide spectrum.

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