Review of the Jura Giga W3 Professional Espresso Machine

by Marc Buckman Updated: August 26, 2019 4 min read
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So go into any showroom, boardroom, staff lounge and you’re likely to find coffee. And in most cases, well it’s not going to be very good. Might be in a pot that’s been cooking for hours on a hot plate or maybe there’s a single serve machine next to a garbage can full of little plastic cups.

Today I’ve got a look at the Jura Giga W3 Professional. It’s a high volume, easy to use milk based espresso beverage and coffee solution that’s sure to impress.

Now Jura is a world leader in automatic coffee. Based in Switzerland they’ve sold more than 4 million machines. The Giga W3 Professional is their solution for high volume environments. It’s rated to produce more than 125 beverages a day. It’s like having a barista that’s always ready to serve your clients or staff.

There’s a lot that makes this machine in our opinion the best available. In a minute, I’ll tell you why it makes milk based drinks like the incredibly popular flat white that are so much better than any other machine available. But first, the basics.


The Giga W3 is incredibly easy to use. So it’s a bean to cup machine. Drinks are selected from a color screen. Just place a cup and push a button to choose from favorites like cappuccino, lattes, espresso, coffee and more. The machine then grinds whole beans fresh, extracts the coffee and steams and textures milk if needed for drinks that are every bit as beautiful and delicious as those made by a professional barista.

But that’s just the beginning. Using a ball bearing mounted rotary switch users can access 31 individually programmable specialty coffees and there are another 12 barista recipes available at the touch of a button.

Want 2 cappuccinos? The Giga W3 is one of the few machines that can make 2 milk based drinks simultaneously. 2 lattes, 2 flat whites, and make any of the specialty coffees 2 at a time by pressing the preparation button 2 times within 2 seconds. Now, Is there any better way to sit down with a client or go into a meeting with a colleague than with a fresh specialty coffee? I don’t think so!

Jura Giga W3 Professional with two drinks.

With massive capacities, the Giga W3 is always ready to serve and requires little attention. The bean hopper holds a kilogram of coffee, that’s 2.2 pounds - enough for 70 to 100 coffees depending on strength which is adjustable in 5 steps. Whole beans are ground by a high performance ceramic disc burr grinder with 5 grind settings.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir has a capacity of 5 liters or 176 ounces which is enough to make more than 75 double espressos. The machine comes with an in-tank water filter. And you want to be sure and use that. You will get better tasting coffee and use of the filter eliminates any descaling maintenance.

Drip Tray

The drip tray is large and you’ll get an onscreen message when it needs emptying. In fact, smart sensors will prompt you for low water, to add beans, change the water filter and empty the used coffee drawer which has a large 40 portion capacity. Lots of other


Now with any machine there’s some maintenance required. Jura makes it super easy. First, the machine automatically rinses on startup and shutdown including the milk system. And, you can program specific turn on and turn off times by day of the week. Other maintenance items include descaling and coffee system cleaning - but as mentioned, use the in tank water filter and you never need to descale. A press of the programming button shows status indicators for these on the first menu page. From there you can manually rinse the coffee and milk systems or run a milk system cleaning. The machine comes with a large bottle of milk system cleaner and uses just a capful for a cleaning cycle so that’s gonna last for quite awhile. It also comes with 4 tablets for deep cleaning of the coffee system. You’ll be prompted to use them and depending on use it can be as many as 80 on off cycles between the deep cleanings.

Milk Beverages

So at the start of the video I mentioned the Giga W3 makes far better milk drinks than just about any other machine. A key feature of the GIGA technology: it can adjust the density of milk froth while making a drink. Now not all drinks use the same froth. A cappuccino for instance features an airier froth while a latte macchiato requires both hot milk and milk foam. The W3’s unique ability to adjust froth density while making a drink results in barista quality drinks a cut above anything else available.

Jura Giga W3 Professional milk drinks.

The Giga W3 is the state of the art in high volume, easy to use machines for specialty coffee. If you’re considering one for your business we suggest you give our coffee specialist a call. They can help get you set up with the right accessories. For instance I have the machine just pulling milk from a pitcher for demonstration purposes, but we have accessories like the Jura cup warmer and the Jura cool control refrigerated milk supply and other options and supplies to round out your system.

That’s the Jura Giga W3 Professional. It’s available now at Whole Latte Love. If you have any questions use the comments below or give one of our coffee experts a call. Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll come back soon for more of the good stuff on everything coffee.