The Bezzera Matrix DE: A Review of This Luxurious Dual Boiler Machine

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: March 4, 2020 2 min read
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Bezzera’s Matrix DE is a luxurious espresso machine to brew and steam with. Featuring many of the same features and functions of its sister machine, the Bezzera DUO DE, the Matrix stands out with it’s programmable LED lights that elegantly wrap around the outside of the machine.

The Matrix DE represents the epitome of Bezzera’s workmanship and craftmanship coexisting in one machine. The programmability and functionality are at its peak on this prosumer espresso machine. The dual-boiler ensures that users can brew and steam any specialty beverages at the same time. Plus, the triple PID controllers maintain temperature stability like we’ve never seen before.

Bezzera Matrix DE Dual Boiler Espresso Machine.

Two heating elements heat Bezzera’s electric grouphead and users can navigate brewing and steaming temperatures on the full-color touchscreen display ranging from 212℉ to 266℉ for steam temperatures and 190℉ to 204℉ for brew temperatures.

Detail of the Bezzera Matrix DE.Volumetric Brewing is another feature on the Matrix DE that deserves an honorable mention. With 4 programmable specialty beverage buttons and one manual button on the front face of the machine, baristas can brew a single shot, double shot, double short espressos, or double long espressos. With Bezzera’s manual brewing button, you can program your favorite drinks for easy access every time and start and stop brewing when needed. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this feature is that all brew buttons on the Matrix DE are controlled with a flow meter so that once programmed, you’ll get the same amount of your favorite coffee every time.

Other Notable Features:

  • Wood-accented Joysticks - I personally love any machine that switches up the aesthetics of the traditional espresso machine. Stainless steel with wood accents gets a thumbs up from me.
  • LED Lights - Access the customizable LED lights through the machine’s internal menu. Switch between Red, Green or Blue or mix colors for a pop of personality. The Matrix’s DE LED lights are for sure one of the most defining features on this semi-automatic machine.
  • 4-Liter Water Tank - A 4-liter tank is a great option to keep in mind if you’re leaning toward opting for a water reservoir over a water line. Having a 4-liter reservoir means you’ll spend more time brewing and less time refilling the water tank periodically.

The Bezzera Matrix DE is an espresso machine for the coffee lover who appreciates the finer details in espresso machines and loves having some control over brewing their perfect espresso.