The Bezzera Unica, A Machine For The Hobbyist

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: August 25, 2023 2 min read
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The Bezzera Unica is one semi-automatic machine that can pull an impressive shot of espresso. This compact single-boiler machine has lots of character and is perfect for the espresso lover looking for a machine that is a space saver and has the perfect balance of control.

Described as having an “old-world personality”, Bezzera’s Unica has the basic nuts and bolts for a hobbyist who wants to control brew and steam temperatures for their espresso and milk-based beverages. With that said, the PID controller is undoubtedly the best feature on this machine. The PID allows users to adjust the temperatures for coffee and steam ranging from 176℉ - 212℉ (80℃ - 100℃). Plus, the Unica comes with the chrome-plated brass E61 brew group that is constantly heated through the machine’s thermosiphon system.

The incredible steam power on the Unica makes up for the single-boiler in the machine. The steam valve has a 1300 Watt heating element and the machine itself has a generous 3-liter water reservoir. One thing to keep in mind when crafting milk-based beverages is after steaming your milk, you want to make sure to flip the pump (‘P’) switch on the machine to refill your boiler and bring down the temperature that’s suitable for brewing your espresso. This will prevent the high boiler temperature from burning your coffee.

Switching between brewing and steaming is a simple as pressing and holding the plus and minus buttons to the right of the machine, where it shows the boiler temperature. With a little patience, users will have no issues switching between both functions whether they’re making their morning coffee or hosting a dinner party for 5-6 guests. The machine shows the user when it has reached the proper temperature for brewing or steaming so you are all set to create your beverage at the right temperature.

For the hobbyist who likes the finer details, the Unica comes in all stainless steel housing and there’s even an option to have wood accents on the machine. I personally love the design of stainless steel and wood on machines. Bezzera is notable for combining the two aesthetics to pull off a great design and a unique look on their machines. The wood handle on the portafilter as well as the steam and brew knobs give the Unica, a classic “old-world feel” with a modern industrial build.