The JURA D6 is the Perfect Bean-to-Cup Machine for any Entry-Level Barista

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: September 8, 2019 3 min read
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You don’t need to be an espresso connoisseur to enjoy high-end espresso machines. In fact, JURA’s D6 machine is perfect for entry-level coffee lovers who are in the market for an affordable super-automatic. The D6 has many of JURA’s popular functions and features including P.E.P Brewing Technology and the Smart Connect, let’s take a closer look at the other aspects of this machine that we love!

Entry-Level Friendly

The JURA D6 can safely be described as the most entry-level friendly super-automatic machine in the JURA lineup for both your wallet and because of its simple user interface. The D6 is easily programmable by simply pressing and holding the ‘P’ under the dial on the left of the machine. From there you can adjust the settings to your liking between the volume, the coffee strength ranging from mild to extra strong, and even adjust the number of seconds in milk foam whether you’re brewing in a shorter or taller glass. There’s a lot to have fun with when you’re just getting started in the coffee and espresso world, the D6 gives you the space to program your coffee and espresso just how you want it.

JURA foam technology.

P.E.P & JURA’s Fine Foam Technology

Marc had the opportunity to meet up with David Shull, Sr. Vice President at JURA’s headquarters in New Jersey, where they spoke about the incredible P.E.P and Fine Foam Technology. Shull says that the P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process) “slows down the brewing process to truly maximize the heat, the flavors and the aromas of the coffee.” And with the fine foam technology, the D6 can create an amazing, airy foam to top off the crema-rich espresso for the perfect cappuccino.

Quick Highlights

  • The JURA D6 pairs well with JURA’s Glass Milk Container, perfect for storing milk in the fridge until the next time you make a milk-based drink. Or, use the bundler to customize your purchase and select the JURA Cool Control at a discount.
  • The D6 is a smaller machine with a footprint of only 11” L x 14” W. The D6 can squeeze into tiny spaces in almost any kitchen with no issues, including opening the flap to refill the beans or for the water reservoir.
  • Looking for a machine with an energy-conscious intuition? The D6 is equipped with energy-saving features such as the zero-energy switch. The machine will automatically cut power consumption upon entering standby mode. You also have the option of again, programming an automatic shut-off time after a period of inactivity to ensure you’re saving energy.


The JURA D6 is like a triple threat, it’s an entry-level friendly machine, the P.E.P, and fine foam technologies ensure you’re crafting the perfect beverage every time, and probably one of my favorite features it’s equipped with energy-saving capabilities that’s programmable so you won’t have to think about it while rushing out the house on busy mornings. What do you think of JURA’s D6 machine? Do you know an espresso amateur who would love the look of this refined Swiss machine?