How to Replace the Group Gasket on Gaggia Semi-Automatics

by Whole Latte Love Updated: March 26, 2019 3 min read
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Join Kathy as she shows you how to change the group gasket on the Gaggia Classic semi-automatic espresso machine. This guide will walk you through removing the brew group gasket on your aluminum-boiler Gaggia Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine and install a new one in its place.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Please read the entire instructions before you start. If you need to order a new gasket, the part number is GA-NG01/001. Call us to order or visit the Parts & Care section of our website.

  1. Make sure that the machine is powered down, unplugged, and completely cool before attempting any of these instructions.
  2. Remove the reservoir, drip tray, drip pan and reservoir cover and lay the entire machine on its back.
  3. Use a short Philips head screwdriver to remove the shower screen. (You can find these at an auto parts store if you do not have one.)
  4. Under the shower screen you will see the “Shower Holding Plate” that is held in place with two Allen screws. Remove the two Allen screws with 5mm Allen wrench.
  5. The Shower Holding Plate should just drop out after you remove the Allen screws. If it does not, use a large flat blade screwdriver to gently pry out the Shower Holding Plate. Be careful not to damage the ridge that the shower screen fits up into. If you do, a new holding plate is available. It is part number GA-DY0036/A and is available as a replacement part. Just call us to order.
  6. Sometimes, the Shower Holding Plate is really stuck. To remove a plate that is stuck, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers. Open the pliers and stick the points into the holes where the Allen bolts were. Then turn hard. This should break the Shower Holding Plate free. Clean out any build up that you see using a stiff brush and some descaler – the same kind you would use to descale the machine.
  7. You should now be able to pull out your old group gasket. If the gasket is very hard or stuck follow steps a and b.
  8. Find a couple of screws that you might have lying around. They do not have to be any special size as long as they have a pointed end. Screw them into the old gasket. Make sure that they are across from each other. Do not go completely through the gasket just screw them in far enough to get a good grip. You can judge this by looking at the new gasket you are going to install. The gasket depth is about 5/16”.
  9. Use pliers to pull on the screws and work the old gasket out. Pull one side and then the other until it comes out.

    Note: A gasket can be so old that it will need to be removed in bits and pieces using needle nose pliers
  10. This is a good opportunity to clean the shower screen and brew group. Use a stiff brush and some descaler (like Urnex CleanCaf) for really tough spots.
  11. Clean and dry the slot in the machine that the gasket fits into.
  12. Slide a new gasket into place.
  13. Put the machine back together by screwing in the Shower Holding Plate and shower Screen. You can use your portafilter to help. Lock the portafilter on a couple of times hard to make sure everything is securely seated.
  14. Tip the unit back up and install the drip pan, drip tray and water reservoir.
  15. Fill the reservoir and plug the machine in and you are ready to go.