Our Teams

It amazes us sometimes when we stop to think about how many different things we have going on. The trick is that when it comes to new projects, we’ve got a team for it. If you’re thinking about joining us, your destiny awaits among one of the many teams below.

Business Operations

Bean counters in a more figurative sense, our business operations team is responsible for keeping the lights on and your favorite products in stock. They’re accounting and purchasing professionals and all around rockstars.

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Our content department is responsible for producing compelling written content for our web pages, emails, and social media accounts as well as educational and instructional materials to help improve your espresso experience.

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Customer Support

Our customer support team is here to make shopping with us spectacular from start to finish. Enthusiastic and maybe a touch over caffeinated, the support team is available via chat, email, and phone, 7 days a week.

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Our incredibly talented design team creates the graphics and aesthetic that represent Whole Latte Love visually. If you’ve ever been wowed by an email or a page on our website, you have them to thank.

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Employee Experience

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of sales, and employee satisfaction is the lifeblood of Whole Latte Love. Our employee experience team is responsible for the wellbeing of our staff and all the perks that come with working for us.

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When you order something from us, somebody has to make sure you get it. That would be these guys. Our fulfillment team is incredibly efficient and uses sophisticated packaging to ensure that your order arrives safe and sound.

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Believe it or not, but espresso machines don’t sell themselves. Fortunately our marketing department is on the case and make sure that no matter where you’re looking for coffee, you’ll find Whole Latte Love.

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You might already be familiar with our media team, but in case you’re not, they’re the stars of our YouTube channel, and behind the camera for all of our in-house product photography.

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Repair Shop

When your machine breaks, our technical service department is here to put it back together. From bench prep to repair and refurbishment, sometimes a little elbow grease is the true secret to amazing espresso.

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We’re rarely satisfied with out of the box solutions when it comes to our website and we make very few exceptions. The secret is having an in-house team of engineers who bring even our wildest features to life.

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Join Us

No matter your skills or background, passion is the common denominator that defines our team. Whole Latte Love is a company of leaders and innovators in the highly competitive specialty coffee industry. If you know that you can leave your mark on our customer experience, join us! Don't wait for the future, make it happen now.