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Repairs and Service

Who Can Service My Machine?
How Do I Send My Machine in for Repair?
Preventative Maintenance Packages
Questions Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs
Questions about In-Warranty Service
Questions about Non-Warranty Service
Repair Guarantee
Shipping My Repair

Who Can Service My Machine?

Whole Latte Love provides direct service and support for many products. However, several manufacturers opt to service their machines directly. For a complete list, see our Complete Manufacturer Warranty Information Page.

How Do I Send My Machine In For Repair?

Please contact our Technical Support team before you send any machine in for service. After determining that your machine needs to be repaired we will issue a Return Authorization Number. Machines without a Repair Authorization Number clearly marked on the outside of the box will be refused on receipt and returned to sender. Our Technical Support Team will be happy to provide you with the necessary information for shipping the machine to us, or can route you to the the manufacturer’s preferred service center for the product.

Preventative Maintenance Packages

At Whole Latte Love we offer several Preventative Maintenance Packages depending on the type of machine you own. Preventative Maintenance provides the twofold benefit of both extending the longevity of your machine and helping to prevent additional future repairs.

  • Semi Automatic Package

    $50 (Save 33% over the normal price of $75 when selected in advance!)
    • Group Gasket replacement and comprehensive brew head cleaning.

    • Professional Backflush cleaning on machines with 3-way solenoid valves.

    • Replacement of the group valve assembly on machine without 3-way solenoid valves.

  • Super Automatic Package

    $75 (Save 25% over the normal price of $100 when selected in advance!)
    • Complete Tear down, deep cleaning and relubrication of the brew unit.

    • Replacement of Brew Unit O-Rings and Seals.

    • Professional descaling.

  • Prosumer Package

    $125 (Save 16% over the normal price of $150 when selected in advance!)
    • Group gasket replacement.

    • Shower screen cleaning or replacement.

    • E61 Group cleaning and Maintenance

      • Replace Actuator Seals and any other necessary seals.

      • Cleaning and lubrication of the group head.

    • Non E61 Group machine

      • Grouphead cleaning.

      • Diagnostic and cleaning of the 3-way solenoid valve.

      • Replacement of any worn seals.

    • Professional Backflushing.

    • Brew pump pressure testing and calibration.

    • Steam pressure testing and calibration.

Questions Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs

At Whole Latte Love our repair team is equipped to provide cleaning, repair, and refurbishment services for a large number of machines from the manufacturers we support. These services are offered to our customers regardless of whether or not a product is still covered under a warranty. The sections below outline common questions regarding the warranty and non-warranty services we offer and the processes and procedures by which your machine will be repaired.

Questions about In-Warranty Service

Warranty repairs are repairs whose costs are subsidized by your level or warranty coverage. At Whole Latte Love we offer standard one-year warranty coverage as well as additional extended coverage. Please note, the condition and symptoms of all machines received by our repair shop will be assessed by a technician to determine the eligibility for warranty repair services.

  • If offered on a product, a Whole Latte Love Extended Warranty extends the coverage provided by the Manufacturer’s Warranty by the timeframe indicated.

  • If the problem is found to be eligible for warranty service by a technician, the cost of any parts and labor will be covered by Whole Latte Love.

  • For warranty repairs shipped to addresses in the Contiguous United States, the cost of return shipping will be assessed as a flat-rate charge. You are responsible for any costs to ship the product in for service:

    • Semi-Automatic: $29

    • Super-Automatic: $39

    • Prosumer: $49

    • Grinder: $30

    • Portable Machine or Repairable Accessory: $15

  • Failures due to a manufacturer’s defect(s) in the the product as confirmed by our technicians.

  • Other Mechanical, Electrical, or Hydraulic issues found eligible for warranty service by our technicians

  • The cost of all labor performed by the technician servicing an eligible warranty issue.

  • User Error

  • Improper maintenance or storage

  • The cost of all labor performed by the technician servicing an eligible warranty issue.

  • Scale Accumulation in Water Circuit

  • Improper Use (ex. Homeline equipment in any commercial environment)

  • Failure of Normal Wear and Tear parts (ex. group gaskets, shower screens, other maintenance items or processes as indicated by the manufacturer)

  • Damage or Wear due to negligence

  • Damage sustained in transit

  • Damage stemming from one or more of the above conditions

  • For problems identified as ineligible for warranty service by a technician, the repair will be completed as a non-warranty service.

  • Repair of ineligible problems will be handled on an estimate-basis.

  • If your machine arrives damaged, a notification of the product being received damaged will be sent. The party shipping the damaged product is solely responsible for contacting the parcel carrier and opening a Freight Damage Claim on the shipment.

  • If your product was shipped using the US Postal Service and it was received damaged, there will be a $45 Damage Processing and Handling fee to cover the time and labor associated with transporting the parcel to the Post Office and completing the necessary claims paperwork. We prefer that you send all items UPS or FedEx, insured for the full value of the machine or item in transit.

  • If requested, a technician will create a create an estimate (consisting of parts and/or labor necessary) to repair the damage sustained in transit.

  • If the symptom reported is found ineligible for Warranty Service, see What Happens if My Problem is Deemed Ineligible for Warranty Service?

  • It is possible that additional problems not identified in the initial diagnosis may be found while completing the machine’s warranty service. If this occurs and the problems are found to be ineligible for warranty service, we will produce and send an estimate for your review, recommending the parts and/or labor necessary to address the issue.

  • Whole Latte Love cannot offer warranty service on products located outside of the United States.

Questions about Non-Warranty Service

We handle all repairs for products outside of their warranty on an estimate basis. For these repairs, the costs will be determined based on the needs of the individual machine by our team of technicians. You will be responsible for the cost of any parts and labor necessary to complete the repair and shipping costs to return it to you.

  • Once your machine reaches the repair bench, the cost of any parts and/or labor needed to complete its non-warranty repair is assembled into an estimate by one of our repair technicians.

  • All non-warranty repairs will have a non-refundable diagnostic fee applied. This fee will be waived should you opt to complete service.

  • Note: It is possible that additional problems not identified in the initial estimate may be found while completing the service suggested. If this occurs, we will send a revised estimate for your approval.

  • The final cost of shipping your machine back to you is dependent on its weight at the time of shipment and its destination address. As such, this cost will be calculated once the estimate has been approved and the work completed.

  • Our diagnostic service includes thoroughly testing your machine to identify the root cause of any problems it may be displaying. Diagnostic Service is billed at a flat-rate of $45 and is non-refundable.

  • If you opt to complete the repair as quoted, this diagnostic fee will be waived.

  • You will have ten (10) business days to review your estimate from the time it is first sent to you.

  • If we do not receive any response after ten (10) business days, the repair estimate will be automatically declined. You will be billed for the non-refundable diagnostic fee, the shipping cost, and the machine will then be returned to you as it was received.

  • Simply reply to the estimate notice by email and state your desired action. Let us know how you wish to proceed and we’ll process your request.

  • During the review period, you’re welcome to discuss the repair estimate with a member of our Technical Support department. Please note that our technicians have recommended the service quoted in the estimated based on their knowledge of the product and will recommend preventative maintenance measures if they feel it is necessary.

  • You will be billed the cost of parts and labor quoted in the estimate you’ve approved, as well as the cost of shipping the completed repair to you.

  • If you wish to decline the estimate and want the machine returned, you will be billed for the non-refundable diagnostic fee and the cost of shipping the machine back to you.

  • If you wish to decline the estimate and want the machine returned, you will be billed for the non-refundable diagnostic fee and the cost of shipping the machine back to you.

  • You will be billed the cost of parts and labor quoted in the estimate you’ve approved, as well as the cost of shipping the completed repair to you.

Repair Guarantee

At Whole Latte Love, we stand by the quality of our work. All completed repairs include our 30-Day Repair Guarantee; If within 30 days of its delivery to you the machine experiences the same problem as was originally reported to us, our technicians will work with you to identify the problem and correct it.

Shipping My Repair

It is your responsibility to properly package and ship any merchandise sent to Whole Latte Love for repair. Any damage sustained by your machine while in transit will incur higher repair fees. Assume that the shipper will not handle your machine delicately. Protect it appropriately.

  • We highly recommend that you use UPS or Fedex for shipping repairs back to us. We generally recommend against using USPS for any machine shipments as product damages may become extremely difficult to resolve.

  • We suggest that you use a traceable carrier and insure all merchandise and recommend keeping the tracking number provided by the carrier. Upon the receipt of your package, our warehouse technicians will inspect all items for damage. Machines will be repaired in the order in which they are received.

  • Whole Latte Love prefers UPS for shipping and receiving packages. Due to complications surrounding freight damage, we advise against using US Mail for repair orders.

  • To minimize the chance of your machine being damaged in transit, we strongly advise re-using its original packaging—the manufacturer's box and larger over-box—if you have them. If you don't, make certain you properly double-box your machine, taking care to properly cushion it with several inches of sturdy packing material on every side to prevent shipping damage.

  • Alternatively, have it professionally packed by a shipping store (make sure to check their work before shipping it out). If you include any accessories with your machine, please be sure to thoroughly wrap the loose parts with a suitable packing material.

  • We recommend using the following packing materials when shipping your machine to us for repair:

    • Original Manufacturers Packaging and Shipping Overboxes, Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts, Molded/Fitted Styrofoam Inserts, Rigid Foam Wrapping

  • We advise against using the following packing materials when shipping your machine to us for repair:

    • Inflated Air Bags, Flexible Cardboard Inserts, Brown Packing Paper, Newsprint, or Any Other Material Weakened by Moisture

  • With any repair, only include the bare machine and any accessories directly associated with the problem being displayed.
    For example, a machine that is not detecting the presence of water in its tank should be shipped with the core unit and its water tank, while a machine displaying issues steaming should include the core machine and the complete steam wand.

  • Unless they are part of the problem you described, remove the following parts from the machine and keep them with you to guard against any damage they could cause during transit:

    • Portafilter and Baskets, Drip Tray and Cup Grid, Power Cord

  • Please refer to your owner’s manual for assistance with removing any parts or accessories. We are not responsible for parts or accessories sent to the Whole Latte Love repair facility that are unrelated to the requested services.

  • In the event that your package is damaged in transit, you are responsible for filing a damage claim with the carrier. Please be aware that you need to file this claim within the time frame stated by the carrier. Whole Latte Love does not assume any responsibility for items lost or damaged during transit.