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Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder

By Bunn

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Suitable Environment

Bunn's Bulk Coffee Grinder is built for simplicity and speed, with a spacious dispensing area and a hinged spout that can fill a bag, bin or funnel with ease. The compact and stylish Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder uses turbo action to draw fresh coffee beans through the grind chamber with speed and precision, resulting in a full-bodied, aromatic product that will satisfy any coffee connoisseur. This grinder allows you to choose from a wide range of grinds and its hopper holds up to 1 lb of fresh coffee beans, so it is ideal for cafes, specialty shops and c-stores where customers want freshly ground beans in a hurry.


It will take just a little practice to use the Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder to its full potential. There are only a few steps involved in operating this appliance. First you will select the desired grind by turning the selector knob to the appropriate setting. Then you will lift the lid, pour coffee beans into the hopper and position the bag under the chute. Now you’re ready to turn the grinder on by pressing the “Start” button.


  • The Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder has a contemporary look and is available in either black or red.
  • The Bulk Coffee Grinder features heavy-duty precision burrs that grind coffee beans evenly and consistently, delivering maximum flavor extraction.
  • With Turbo Action technology and a powerful motor, the Bulk Coffee Grinder can process 1 lb of coffee beans in under 30 seconds.
  • The Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder makes it possible to fine-tune your grind settings with just a twist of the dial located on the front of this machine.
  • This coffee grinder is NSF and ETL approved for health and safety compliance.
  • Dimensions and weight:
    • 22.7” H x 7.3” W x 16” D
    • 57 lbs

Feature Details

Programming Options

By turning the dial located on the face of the Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder, you can vary the grind to meet the requirements of your customers. There is also a timer mechanism that can be adjusted to automatically turn the grinding cycle off after a preset amount of time, making this appliance perfect for use during busy hours.

Turbo Action Grinding

The Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder will process 1 pound of coffee in less than 30 seconds. Since it uses turbo action to draw the coffee beans evenly through the grind chamber, the Bulk Coffee Grinder can deliver a consistent grind for a better extraction.

Quick Cleanup

A cleaning lever featured on the Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder makes it effortless to keep the machine’s grind chamber running efficiently. Using this lever ensures that every bit of coffee is removed from the grind chamber, so there is no residue left when you use the machine the next time.

Precision Grinding Burrs

The Bulk Coffee Grinder’s specially designed burrs grind coffee beans quickly, and combined with the powerful motor, they provide a fast, low-heat grind cycle. These burrs operate with up to 50% more power than other grinders and are covered by a 3-year warranty.


Daily Maintenance

  • Use a mild detergent on a clean, non-abrasive cloth to wipe away residue from the exterior of the machine. If possible, use stainless steel cleaner on all stainless steel surfaces.

Periodic Maintenance

  • About once a month, it is recommended that you clean the grinding burrs with Urnex Grindz. These food-safe tablets can be ground just like coffee beans to absorb coffee oils and loosen buildup inside of the grinding chamber.


The Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder is easily installed, and only requires that you place the machine on a flat, dry surface and plug the included 120v cord into a compatible electrical outlet.

Electrical Specifications

  • 120v, 2-wire plus ground configuration
  • 15 Amps
  • Electrical cord included

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