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BWT AQUAlizer 2.6 L Pitcher with Illuminated Baselight

By BWT water+more

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The BWT AQUAlizer is an attractive modern water pitcher with an intuitive baselight to alert you when it's time to change your water filter. When used with BWT Magnesium Mineralization Cartridges, the AQUAlizer produces delicious drinking water that will not cause limescale buildup in your espresso machine.

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BWT AQUAlizer 2.6 L Pitcher with Illuminated Baselight


Please Note: The AQUAlizer uses the same filtration cartridges as the BWT Penguin Pitcher and does not filter water any differently than the Penguin. The cartridges sold by Whole Latte Love—the BWT Magnesium and Zinc + Magnesium cartridges—prevent the buildup of limescale in espresso machines.

The BWT AQUAlizer is an elegant 2.6 L pitcher designed to optimize your tap water with magnesium while removing contaminants like chlorine, lead, and copper. BWT's ion-exchange process also softens water to eliminate the threat of limescale by binding calcium in the water in the charged resin.

The benefit is threefold as magnesium is an excellent flavor carrier, doesn't pose a risk for scale production, and is an essential part of your diet.

To use the AQUAlizer simply soak a filter cartridge in tap water for five minutes, remove and insert into the jug. Proceed to fill the pitcher and allow the water to drain through the cartridge (water from your first fill should be disposed of). Initially there may be fine black particles in the water—this is completely harmless activated carbon that is flushed out of the filter. If any particles remain after the first filling, you can simply continue filling the filter until all of them have been removed.

Located on the underside of the pitcher, the LED baselight illuminates with one of two colors after each pour to indicate the status of the filter cartridge:

  • Pink: The filter cartridge is functioning normally
  • Blue: The filter cartridge needs to be replaced  

NOTE: It is recommended that you change the BWT filter cartridge every four weeks for optimal performance. 

For easy cleaning, the AQUAlizer pitcher and inner funnel are dishwasher safe. Do not put the lid or the baselight into the dishwasher or clean them using abrasive cleaning agents.

2.6 L Total Capacity / 1.4 L Filtered Water Capacity

Includes 2 BWT Magnesium Mineralized Cartridges


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