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Ceado Life Coffee Grinder - White

By Ceado

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The Life Grinder from Ceado is a compact multi-purpose home coffee grinder that marries the design and know-how of Ceado’s commercial grinders with a compact and friendly design that encourages experimentation. Equipped for single-dosing, traditional espresso grinding, and easy maintenance, the Life is a strong contender for both your first and last coffee grinder.

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Ceado Life Coffee Grinder Overview

The Life Grinder from Ceado is a compact and multi-purpose coffee grinder that can be used for both single dosing and hopper based grinding. A bold step forward for the traditionally commercial oriented brand, the Life takes inspiration from Ceado’s best grinders with smooth stepless grind adjustment, easy access to grinding chamber, an isolated top burr, and powerful operation at 1,650 RPM. A major wow in the form of the single dose assembly that uses gravity to actively push beans into the burrs make the Life an incredible performer in zero retention grinding.

Features and Benefits

At just 5.9” W x 7.9” D x 14.2” H the Life houses an impressive 250W motor and a set of 50mm flat steel burrs. The top burr is held stationary in an assembly directly beneath the bean hopper while the bottom burr is freely adjusted. This allows for easy removal of the top burr and access to the grinding chamber without losing grind settings during maintenance, a feature that’s incredibly helpful when it comes to single dosing.

Depending on your preferred mode of operation the Life can be equipped with an 8.8oz bean hopper or a single dosing assembly that installs in its place. The design combines the properties of a typical bellows with a vented component similar to a pusher used in a juicer or food processor. This unique design eliminates popcorning and gently guides the beans downward into the burrs while the venting permits airflow to evacuate any retained coffee via the bellows.

Grind adjustment is handled by a knob numbered between 0 and 9. One full rotation of the knob will navigate between the Life’s entire grinding range, making it easy to return to a desired setting. An adjustable hook and collapsible fork accommodate hands-free grinding into portafilters while the included 100g grounds bin allows for easy transfer to your desired brewing device. Programming is simple with a single and double dose that can be set for up to 60 seconds of grinding each within 0.1 seconds or you can switch to manual mode for freehand grinding.

Grind Setting Analysis

Based on our own internal testing we found that the coffee produced by the Life at the following grind settings were best suited for the methods listed below. The impressive particle distribution limited the production of fines, resulting in faster extraction times even at a finer grind.

9 - Batch brew coffee maker/ cupping/ Flat bottom pour over
8 - Hoop Coarse/ V60 pour over/ Siphon
7 - Hoop Medium-coarse/ V60 pour over
6 - Hoop Medium-fine/ Aeropress
5 - Hoop fine/Aeropress
4 - Aeropress Prismo
3 - Moka pot
2 - Espresso
1 - Espresso

Why You Should Get It

The Life threads the needs for both features and price when it comes to multi-purpose coffee grinding. It’s the perfect choice for new home baristas to future proof their setup against upgraditis. Ceado delivered big with the innovative single-dosing attachment, going above and beyond a simple bellows. Throw simple maintenance into the mix along with incredibly smooth grind adjustment and an eye catching design and the Life is a serious contender for any modern coffee enthusiast.

  • Single Dosing

    In order to ensure optimal freshness and eliminate waste when brewing the Life is equipped with single dosing accessories that can be installed in place of the bean hopper. The unique design combines the traditional bellows found on most single-dosing grinders with a feed mechanism that gently pushes the beans downward towards the burrs. This design choice also allows for seamless experimentation across brew methods with multiple grind sizes. The Life also includes a grounds bin for transferring coffee into your device of choice.

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  • Programmable Timed Grinding

    For more conventional espresso enthusiasts, the Life grinder borrows the same timed grinding interface from the Ceado E6P for simple and convenient timed coffee grinding. A single and double shot can be programmed up to 60 seconds with time adjustable within 0.1 second increments. Manual grinding is also possible by pressing the single and double shot buttons simultaneously. For hands-free operation the Life is equipped with a collapsible fork platform and a height adjustable hook to secure the portafilter during operation.

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  • Multi-Purpose Grind Range

    We’re often asked to recommend a grinder for brewed coffee and espresso and we're happy to say that the Life delivers. Equipped with a set of 50mm flat steel burrs and a 250W motor, the Life’s grinding RPM are on par with Ceado’s E6 and E37J range. Grind adjustment is stelpless and smooth, using a large metal knob with grind range numbered between 0 (fine) to 9 (coarse). One full rotation of the knob will adjust between the Life’s full range of grind while the numbers keep it simple when it comes to returning to a previous setting. For ease of maintenance, the top burr remains stationary and can be removed for cleaning without losing your settings.

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  • Compact Design

    As Ceado’s first truly home coffee grinder the Life condenses its incredible performance into a petite frame measuring only 5.9” W x 7.9” D x 14.2” H. Its chic design features a matte front panel with a color wrap that frames the sides and top of the grinder. The touch display is understated and blends nicely with the materials so as not to distract from the counter. A set of four feet grip the counter for stability without significantly increasing the height of the grinder.

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Property Value
Recommended Application Home / Residential
NSF Certified No
Display Type LED
Controls and Additional Features Programmable Single and Double Dose
Type of Controls Touchscreen
Frame Material Plastic
Grinder Features Single Dosing Accessories, Bean Hopper w/Shutoff Slider, Easy Burr Access, Won't Lose Grind Setting During Maintenance
Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type Stepless
Burr Diameter (mm) 50mm
Grinder Burr Type Flat Stainless Steel
Dispensing Method Doserless
Grinder Drive System Direct
Bean Hopper Freshness Lid Yes
Ground Coffee Container Capacity (Oz) 100g
Separate Ground Coffee Container Included
Ground Coffee Container Material Plastic
Recommended Grind Selection Espresso, Moka, Aeropress, Pour Over, Automatic Drip
Property Value
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 8.8oz
Removable Bean Hopper Yes
Clearance Height for Portafilter (Inches) Adjustable
Programmable Grinding Single and Double Dose
Bean Hopper Material Plastic
Housing Color White, Black
Housing Material Plastic
Depth (Inches) 7.9
Height (Inches) 14.2
Weight (Lbs) 16.5
Width (Inches) 5.9
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider Whole Latte Love
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number 585-924-7170
Manufacturers Warranty Period 2-Year Parts and Labor
Volt 110V
Watts 250W

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