Expobar Office Lever & Baratza Vario w/Metal Portaholder

Expobar Office Lever & Baratza Vario w/Metal Portaholder

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Expobar Office Lever Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

By: Expobar

The Expobar Office Lever is a prosumer-grade espresso machine with a heat-exchange boiler. Expobar’s barista-focused attention to detail is readily apparent in the Lever’s traditional design elements and professional components such as the E61 group and adjustable brew pressure.
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Baratza Vario Grinder w/Metal Portaholder

By: Baratza

The Baratza Vario is a powerful 54mm ceramic burr grinder with a compact footprint. Its programmable timed grinding allows users to automatically dose on demand, and its unique dual cam grind adjustment allows you to fine tune your grind across a whopping 230 settings.
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The Expobar Office Lever and Baratza Vario with Metal Portaholder package is perfect for those looking for prosumer performance, albeit on a more modest budget. Saving money doesn't have to mean settling for less.