Gaggia Baby Class and MDF Pack

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Gaggia Classic and Baratza Sette 30 AP

By: Gaggia

The Gaggia Classic and Baratza Sette 30 AP package make the perfect pair. The ultimate entry level espresso machine for the home, the Gaggia Classic has a reputation that spans more than 20 years of excellent performance. Packing commercial grade components like a 58 mm chrome plated brass portafilter and 3-way sole...
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Gaggia Classic and Rocky Essentials - Doserless

By: Gaggia

Owning the Gaggia Classic and Rocky Essentials - Doserless The ultimate espresso bar at your fingertips. The centerpiece- the Gaggia Classic, has a beautiful, brushed stainless steel housing. Pair the Classic with your choice of the Rancilio Rocky or the Rancilio Doserless Rocky, and you have the ability to make caf...
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We’ve got you covered, from the bean to the cup. The Gaggia Baby Class and MDF Pack includes the highly regarded MDF burr grinder and top-of-the line Baby Class semi-automatic espresso machine. This dynamic duo will have you grinding, brewing, steaming, and frothing like a pro.


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