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Gaggia Classic and MDF Brew-Ready Pack

By: Gaggia
Reg. $798.00
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Package Includes
1x Gaggia Classic Brushed Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine $449.00
1x Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder $299.00
Value: $748.00



Indulge yourself this season with our Gaggia Classic & MDF Brew-Ready Package. Featuring the iconic Gaggia Classic in brushed stainless steel and the always reliable MDF burr grinder, this collection has been designed with the coffee lover in mind.


nb asked:

I inheireted  a Gaggia Classic machine that is roughly 10-12 years old. I love it but lately it is malfunctioning. The shots start out good then for some reason, come out fast and very foamy and I don't mean crema. It did it a few years ago, I took it somewhere and the looked at it and when I came to get it said he didin't do anythoing, it was a great machine, made me an espresso and that was that. It has done this a time or two in the past few years then seems to correct itself.This time it's going on for too long and I've stopped using it. I descale on the occaision and generally take good care of it. Any ideas?  

Answer by Maggie:

Thank you for your post.  Are you steaming first and then going back to brew without releasing any water through the wand or group head?  That would definitely cause the issue you are describing-the boiler does need to cool down from steaming back to brew temperature before continuing to brew coffee at the proper rate.  If that is not the case, I would suggest taking a short video of what you are describing and sending it to support@wholelattelove.com-the video does not have to be close, it just has to be clear, and that would help us to make a more accurate diagnosis of the problem.

Irene asked:

how much does this machine weigh?


Answer by Maggie:

The Gaggia Classic weights 20 pounds and the Gaggia MDF weighs 13 pounds.  

alguem me ajude, qual a temperatura que sai no porta filtro da cafeteira gaggia? - é simples ao fazer o cafe coloca um termometro no cafe que foi feito e sabe a temperatur

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:

La temperatura debe estar alrededor de 165 a 170 en la taza.

Michael asked:

Are there no Ideal$ bundle prices for accessories with machine and grinder packs?

Answer by mjackson:

Call us and we will be able to help

Hadley asked:

Good morning all... but it could be better - I have a Gaggia Classic and MDF which on grind setting 6 used to give great espresso. Now, for reasons beyond me, the water runs right through. I have graduated down all the way to 2 on the MDF and it looks pretty fine grind. I always let the machine warm up and give it a good purge shot before use. Coffee is Illy or Intelligentsia and only ground on the day of use. Please could you let me know what I am missing out on or whether something might have been damaged. The water runs through the grounds with seemingly no resistance.

Answer by techkathy:

Have you tried recalibrating the MDF? I am emailing you some instructions on cleaning and recalibrating the grinder. See if that helps.


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