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Gaggia Deluxe Cappuccinatore Kit

By Gaggia

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Gaggia Deluxe Cappuccinatore Kit Overview

The Gaggia Deluxe Cappuccinatore Kit puts effortless cappuccinos right at your fingertips. Designed to easily install on Gaggia super-automatic espresso machines with traditional pannarello steam wands, the Cappuccinatore assembly can be installed simply by sliding the existing wand and rubber elbow off of the steam pipe and replacing it with the new frother.

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the existing pannarello frothing wand and rubber elbow from the steam pipe.
  2. Clean any milk residue off of the steam pipe.
  3. Slide the black rubber fitting included with your Cappuccinatore kit up the steam pipe until it securely snaps into where the rubber elbow used to be.
  4. Firmly press the rest of the Cappuccinatore assembly upwards until the rubber fitting is fully inserted into the socket at the top of the Cappuccintore.
  5. Make sure that the pickup tube is securely attached to the intake underneath the Cappuccinatore.

Instructions for Use

  1. Fill the included Glass Milk Carafe with milk (up to the Min line or higher) and place the lid securely on top of the carafe.
  2. Place the pickup tube from the Cappuccinatore into your carafe via the hole in the center of the lid so that the hose touches the bottom of the carafe.
  3. Place a cup underneath the dispensing spout on the Cappuccinatore (for extra tall cups, the angled milk slide can be detached from the spout for more clearance).
  4. Activate the steam function on your espresso machine. Milk will be drawn from the carafe and into the frother, and then dispensed into your cup.
  5. Once you have enough milk, switch off the steam function and enjoy your beverage.

Carafe Storage Instructions

Once you've finished frothing milk, the included carafe can be stored in your refrigerator. First, start by flushing hot water through the Cappuccinatore using your machine's hot water function to rinse the assembly. Then, follow the instructions below to store your carafe in the refrigerator.

  1. Disconnect the pickup tube from the Cappuccinatore and remove it from the carafe.
  2. Rinse the tube thoroughly of any remaining milk.
  3. Dry off any excess water from the tube and re-insert it back into the carafe.
  4. Firmly secure the loose end of the tube to the post located on the carafe lid.
  5. Place the carafe in the refrigerator. 

Machine Sold Separately

Compatible for Use with the Following Gaggia Espresso Machines:

  • Brera
  • Anima / Anima Deluxe
  • Velasca


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