Gaggia Unica Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Gaggia Velasca Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine

By: Gaggia

The Gaggia Velasca is an Italian made super-automatic espresso machine that offers unbeatable drink customization options for the money and is perfect for someone looking for convenient and exceptional espresso.
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Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

By: Gaggia

The Gaggia Anima is an Italian made super-automatic espresso machine that brews delicious espresso and full cups of coffee on demand. Its tall spouts and large capacity make it ideal for lovers of long drinks or multiple users.
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Please Note: The Gaggia Unica CANNOT brew using pre-ground coffee. This machine DOES NOT have a bypass doser.

The Gaggia Unica Super Automatic Espresso Machine was created with ease-of-use and convenience in mind. The Gaggia Unica is equipped with everything you need to go from bean to cup. It has automated grinding, tamping and brewing capabilities as well as has a straight-forward interface perfect for home use. Reasonably priced, the Unica makes the most of its small footprint, integrating solid features such as a ceramic burr grinder, 15 bar pump, swivel base, removable brew group and Pannarello steam wand. This well-rounded espresso machine actually shares the same internal components as the high-end Gaggia Platinum line; at a fraction of the price, the Unica is recommended for value-conscious coffee lovers.

We recommend using only light to medium roasted coffee beans for best Unica grinder performance. Dark roasts with more surface oil on the bean, or oily beans in general tend to inhibit the grinder performance. Do not use Starbuck's Dark Roast, or the rebranded Starbuck's Dark Roast like Pete's and Kirkland Dark Roast Coffees in the Unica. The surface oils on Dark Roast beans will certainly cause the grinder to jam and fail.


The Gaggia Unica has been fitted with a stainless steel boiler and 15-bar pump. The front panel of the machine features a straightforward interface consisting of a LED display, with illuminated icons, and four control buttons. Power, brewing and steaming options each have their own dedicated button to make machine operation a breeze. You can opt to make a single or double espresso by pressing one of the two coffee buttons located on the front panel. Both buttons can be programmed to dispense the desired drink volume for your convenience. Best of all, the coffee dispenser can be raised or lowered to allow you to accommodate tall and short cups alike.

Grinder and Bean Hopper

Featuring a ceramic burr grinder, the Unica minimizes heat transfer to protect the flavor and aroma integrity of your coffee. There are 5 grind settings to choose from, allowing you to fine-tune grind fineness as needed. The grinder takes full advantage of the Gaggia Adapting System to adjust grinding duration and rpm to ensure that the proper coffee volume is ground every time, regardless of the roast.

We recommend using light to medium roasted coffee beans for best grinder performance. Dark roasts with more surface oil on the bean, or oily beans in general tend to inhibit the grinder performance.

Once your coffee has been ground, it is automatically dosed, tamped and brewed, according to the drink selected, for your convenience. The Gaggia Unica also has an 8.8oz bean hopper, with an aroma saving lid, to let you to safely store up to ½ pound of whole bean coffee directly in the machine.

Steam and Hot Water Features

The 1.7-liter water tank is accessible from the side for easy refilling. You can dispense hot water for an Americano, tea or soup directly through the steam wand. Should you choose to make a latte or cappuccino, the steam wand is also equipped with a Pannarello attachment to create rich steamed and frothed milk.

Rotating Base and Drip Tray

The base features three-heavy duty wheels for maximum mobility. The Gaggia Unica’s clever design lets you rotate it as necessary or even slide it down the counter without having to lift machine. Gaggia has also equipped the Unica an easy-to-remove drip tray for hassle-free maintenance.

Cleaning and Maintenance Alerts

The Unica features a series of alerts designed to let you know when the machine requires attention. Dedicated icons, located within the LCD display, will alert you when the machine needs to be descaled, the water tank should be refilled or the bean hopper is empty. There is also a ventilate notification.


This super-automatic espresso machine has a durable Thermoplastic exterior, with a matte silver front panel and black side panels. It weighs 18.8 pounds and measures 12.6”W x 14.6”H x 18.1”D.


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