JURA CLEARYL Smart Mini Water Filter


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Outfitted with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology, the CLEARYL Smart Mini water filter is specially designed for the intelligent water system (I.W.S.®) featured in the JURA ENA 8 series of espresso machines and its more compact design is designed for lower use households. The benefit is the immediate detection of the filter by your machine for a completely hassle free experience. Once installed, the filter is automatically detected and your machine will automatically transition to filter mode. The link between the two allows you to monitor the remaining life span of the filter and you will be alerted when it is time to change it. If you choose not to remove the filter, the machine will automatically revert to descaling mode.

The CLEARYL Smart Mini operates according to the professional "up-flow" principle. The benefit of this design is that only the necessary amount of water is filtered for each beverage you prepare so you don't have unused filtered water left in the tank. The CLEARYL Smart Mini filters limescale, heavy metals, chlorine, and other substances that impact the flavor and aroma of your coffee. Beneficial minerals such as Magnesium are left in the water for truly optimized brewing.

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