Lavazza Blue Espresso Ricco Capsules - 100 count

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Lavazza Blue Top Class Capsules - 100

By: Lavazza

Lavazza Blue Top Class Capsules feature a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees from Central and South America. Top Class produces a rich espresso that is accentuated by hints of dark chocolate and cinnamon. Whether you enjoy single shots or blended milk drinks, Top Class is sure to satisfy. Please note: Lavazza Blu...
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A fine blend of Brazilian and Southeast Asian beans, Lavazza Blue Espresso Ricco Capsules create a full-bodied espresso with notes of chocolate. These convenient single-serving espresso capsules are made for use with the Lavazza Blue Espresso Machine; simply place a capsule in the machine, press a brewing button, and espresso will be dispensed into your cup.

Please note: Lavazza Blue capsules can be used only with Lavazza Blue espresso machines. Sold in cases of 100 capsules.


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