Profitec Pro T64 Part Diagram PROT64

This is the Profitec Pro T64 Part Diagram PROT64. In the list below, you will find all the parts associated with the diagram that are available. Use the parts diagram to determine the part(s) you need.

If the part listed below is not viewable then we do not carry it at this time. However, if your machine is currently in production we are likely able to acquire the part directly from the manufacturer. In this case, contact us by submitting a support ticket. Please be advised that it may take up to eight weeks for us to receive the part from the manufacturer.

Please note: Parts are neither returnable nor refundable. If you need assistance selecting a part for your machine, please submit a support ticket.
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Diagram # Pos # Image Description Price
Diagram # Pos # Image Description Price
PROT64-1 1 Cover bean hopper
Part Number: G1009
PROT64-1 2 Bean hopper, tinted
Part Number: G1000S
PROT64-1 3 Slide bean hopper
Part Number: G1014
PROT64-1 4
G1017 Dichtung Bohnenbehalter Gasket Bean Hopper | ECM ECM-G1017
Gasket bean hopper
Part Number: G1017
$7.68 View Part
PROT64-1 5 Safety cap bean hopper, tinted
Part Number: G1002S
PROT64-1 6 Bean hopper complete
Part Number: G1000S.K
PROT64-1 7 Body/Basic rack
Part Number: G1300
PROT64-1 8 Button
Part Number: P2566
PROT64-1 9 Collecting plate coffee powder
Part Number: G1008.1
$20.22 View Part
PROT64-1 10 Side panel acrylic glass left/right black
Part Number: G1320
PROT64-1 11 Side panel logo "Profitec" left/right
Part Number: G1303
PROT64-1 12 On-/Off switch
Part Number: G1021
PROT64-1 13 Cable Schuko plug
Part Number: C199900957
PROT64-1 13 Cable US plug
Part Number: P2034
$16.88 View Part
PROT64-1 13 Cable UK plug
Part Number: P2035
PROT64-1 13 Cable AU plug
Part Number: P2036
PROT64-1 14 Srcew lens head M3x6
Part Number: P2055
PROT64-1 15
Profitec P6031 Static relay
Static relay
Part Number: P6031
$97.14 View Part
PROT64-1 16 Foot
Part Number: G1015
$6.60 View Part
PROT64-1 17 Screw lens head 3x12 for plastic
Part Number: G1031
PROT64-1 18 Nut M4
Part Number: P2026
PROT64-1 19 Electronic with timer 220V-240V
Part Number: G1130
PROT64-1 19 Electronic with timer 110V-120V
Part Number: US1050
PROT64-1 20 Rack portafilter
Part Number: G1301
PROT64-1 21 Fixation portafilter
Part Number: G1302
PROT64-1 22 Scre lens head M3x8
Part Number: P6101
PROT64-1 23 Wire clips
Part Number: P2070
PROT64-1 24 Cable loom
Part Number: G1260
PROT64-2 1 Screw counter sunk head M4x8
Part Number: P6111
PROT64-2 2 Gear setup grind level
Part Number: G1100
PROT64-2 3 O-Ring rabbet handle
Part Number: G1019
PROT64-2 4 Allen screw M3x3
Part Number: P6112
PROT64-2 5 Handle worm
Part Number: G1305
PROT64-2 6 Axis worm
Part Number: G1102
PROT64-2 7 Screw lens head M4x10
Part Number: P2022
PROT64-2 8 Worm
Part Number: G1103
PROT64-2 9 Bracket worm
Part Number: G1053
PROT64-2 10 Cap nut M8
Part Number: G1033
PROT64-2 11 Safety screw bean hopper M4x10
Part Number: G1029
PROT64-2 12 Spring ring 8,0
Part Number: P2011
PROT64-2 13 Burr bracket upper, insert
Part Number: G1054
PROT64-2 14 Gasket burr bracket
Part Number: G1016
PROT64-2 15 Burr, d=64mm (pair)
Part Number: G1040
PROT64-2 16 Screw counter sunk head slotted M4x10
Part Number: P6110
PROT64-2 17 Burr bracket lower
Part Number: G1055
PROT64-2 18 Corpus
Part Number: G1057
PROT64-2 19 Screw countersunk head M4x20
Part Number: P6109
PROT64-2 20 Grid coffee shaft
Part Number: G1192
PROT64-2 21 Screw lens head M3x5
Part Number: P2064
PROT64-2 22 Distancing piece
Part Number: G1199
PROT64-2 23 Motor 220V-240V/50Hz 400W
Part Number: G1220
PROT64-2 23 Motor 110V-120V/60Hz 400W
Part Number: G1221
PROT64-2 24 Nut M8
Part Number: C309900127
PROT64-2 25 Lock washer 8,0
Part Number: B7479947
PROT64-2 26 Bracket capacitor
Part Number: G1304
PROT64-2 27 Capacitor motor 220V-240V
Part Number: G1240
PROT64-2 27 Capacitor motor 110V-120V
Part Number: G1241
PROT64-2 28 Cover coffee funnel
Part Number: G1013
PROT64-2 29 Coffee funnel
Part Number: G1119
PROT64-2 30 Screw cylinder M4x6
Part Number: B7826212