Quamar M80 Manual Package

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Quamar M80 Dosing Espresso Grinder in Black

By: Quamar

The M80 Manual from Quamar is a commercial quality doser grinder with 63mm burrs and a 460 watt motor, adjustable across 60 stepped grind settings. Its simple on/off operation, adjustable dosing and integrated tamper make grinding for any brew method a dream.
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Kimbo Classico Whole Bean Espresso

By: Kimbo Espresso Italiano

Create lasting memories with the unmistakable flavor of Kimbo's Espresso Classico. Espresso Classico is an expertly selected blend of the finest coffees for the pleasure of an aromatic espresso experience. This medium roast espresso is an even mixture of intensity, richness, sweetness, and body. Available in 2.2lb Bags
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Rattleware Large Round Handle Tamper 58mm

By: Rattleware

Complete Your Set-Up with the Rattleware Large Round Handle Tamper Made of Stainless Steel, the 58mm large round handle tamper features highly durable, impact resistant ABS handles. Height from base to top of handle is 3 inches. Weight is 1 lb. Helpful hint: Measure the inside of your portafilter insert to guarantee...
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Rattleware Basic Knock Box, Metal Holder

By: Rattleware

Complete Your Set-Up with the Rattleware Basic Knock Box Eliminate trips to the garbage can or sink to dispose of your spent coffee grounds with the classic Rattleware Basic Knock Box. Enclosed in metal, the Basic Knock Box neatly holds your used coffee grounds. Dimensions: 6" W x 5.5" D x 4" H
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For those looking to enjoy traditional Italian espresso, the Quamar M80 Manual Package is a good place to start. Quamar's Quamar M80 Manual Grinder is the spiritual successor to the Fiorenzato T80 grinder and a nearly 100% Italian piece of equipment. With 60 stepped grind settings, 63mm stainless steel burrs, and a 460 watt motor, the M80 excels in the domestic setting.

Packaged with each grinder is a bag of the Kimbo Classico whole bean espresso, a Rattleware Large Round Handle Tamper and a Rattleware Basic Metal Knock Box. Kimbo has long been a favorite of those looking to experience traditional Neapolitan style espresso.


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