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Rancilio Water Softener

By: Rancilio
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Gianfranco asked:

How often shall the filter changed?

Answer by Sanfam:

At the very least, aim to change this filter once-per-year.  While it may remain full enough of resin pellets to be recharged beyond that window, it risks becoming a home for bacteria after that point. However, you would want to recharge this softener cartridge once every two to three tanks.  

yukit asked:

Tried to pour salt water solutino into the mesh part of the water softener, but the liquid just sit there.

It doesn't "flow freely" as descrbed in the istruction.

Should I try to force water through the softener? Would submerging the unit in a water first help?





Answer by techkathy:

Is the filter dry?  Try soaking it in a salt water solution to moisten it.  You can also get a length of tubing and attach it to the end to create a siphon.  

Answer by yukit:

I soaked the filter in water first, but moistire wasn't penetrating into the filter.

I ended up sucking the water through the filter; that helped the salt water to drip through the filter better.

Once i figured enough salt water has gone through the filter, I rinsed with regular water, attached the filter in the water tank.

I have been using the coffee machine for a few days now; the pump suction seem to work fine.

I will try recharging the filter in a few weeks to see if the salt water penetration is better.


Gustavo asked:

I received my water softener on a plastic bag, and I noticed a bunch of grainy particles loose in the bag, that I imagine are the crystals that filter the water. Is that normal, is my softener leaking? Cheers

Answer by techkathy:

Gustavo - take the softener out of the bag and see if any additional crystals fall out of the bottom or pointed top of the softener. If they do not then you should be fine.


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