Rattleware Angular Tamper 53mm

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Espro 53mm Calibrated Flat Tamper

By: Espro

Complete Your Set-Up with the Espro 53mm Calibrated Flat Tamper Winner of Coffee Geek’s 2006 Editor Choice Award for the Best Training Tool category, the Espro Calibrated Tamper features world class construction. This unique tamper automatically clicks when 30 pounds of force has been exerted onto it and when the ha...
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Espro Dillinger 53mm Black Diamond Espresso Tamper

By: Espro

Complete Your Set-Up with the Espro Dillinger 53mm Black Diamond Espresso Tamper The Espro Dillinger Black Diamond Espresso Tamper is made from vacuum hardened stainless steel and plasma coated with a diamond-like coating. Its black finish sets it apart from the ordinary and makes it 5 times harder than a regular st...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Rattleware Angular Tamper

Made of Stainless Steel, the Rattleware 53mm Angular Tamper features highly durable, impact resistant ABS handles. Height from base to top of handle is 3 inches. Weight approximately 1 lb.

Helpful hint: Measure the inside of your portafilter insert to guarantee the proper fit of the tamper.


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