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Varia Hypernova 38mm Burr Set for VS3 Grinder - Plasma Titanium

By Varia

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These titanium coated conical burrs are an upgrade for the Varia VS3 Grinder. Featuring pre-crushing teeth, the Hypernova ULTRA burr set further improves espresso grinding performance for the highest clarity, balance, and increased bright acidity.

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Hypernova ULTRA Burr Set for Varia VS3 Grinder

Unleash the ultimate espresso extraction with the Hypernova ULTRA Burr Set—Varia’s top-of-the-line burr upgrade for their VS3 espresso grinder.

Like the Supernova Titanium and base Hypernova burr sets, the Hypernova ULTRA burrs are made of 440 stainless steel. In addition to the titanium plating, the Hypernova ULTRAs are polished on a micron level to remove any tiny imperfections. Then a thermal plasma coating is added along with the titanium, which increases the HRC of the burrs to 67.

Compared to the stock Supernova burrs that come with the VS3 grinder (HRC 58), these are much harder and more durable—they will grind more accurately for much longer. This also makes them a better choice if you regularly grind high-density coffees that tend to wear burrs down more quickly.

The Hypernova ULTRA burrs also have pre-crushing teeth, which improve grinding efficiency and consistency at the top of the range. This results in better particle distribution at espresso sizes, allowing for extractions with vibrant clarity and definition, a balanced profile, and higher acidity—perfect for coaxing nuanced flavors from specialty, single-origin coffees.

The titanium and plasma coating also boosts durability and heat resistance, even compared to the base Hypernova burrs—because the burrs stay cooler while grinding, they’ll stay sharper longer.

The plasma coating and pre-crushing teeth improve grind speed without sacrificing retention, so your espresso will be ready to brew even faster.


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