Yama 5-Cup Stovetop Siphon

 By Yama

Yama 5-Cup Stovetop Siphon  By Yama

Yama's handy 5-Cup Stovetop Siphon makes use of vapor pressure and vacuum force to aid in the extraction process and brew a clean, almost tea-like cup of coffee.

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Owning the Yama 5-Cup Stovetop Siphon

Invented way back in 1830, siphon brewing is a more scientific solution to your caffeination requirements than you might normally use. Siphon, or vacuum brewing as it's sometimes called, is a method of making coffee that relies on vapor pressure and vacuum force to aid in the extraction process. Yama's handy 5-Cup Stovetop Siphon makes use of these same principles to brew a clean, almost tea-like cup of coffee.

To brew using the siphon you'll need water, ground coffee, and a stove. Each siphon includes a dual purpose coffee scoop/stirrer and a metal trivet. You'll start by filling the bottom half of the siphon with water while resting the top half above it. Both halves of the siphon are connected by a glass tube that can be fitted with filter (the Yama siphon includes a reusable cloth filter). Rest the trivet between the stove and the siphon with the stove set to medium heat. As the water expands into gas it will rise into the top half of the siphon for as long as the water remains boiling. At this point you'll want to add your ground coffee. Brew times will ultimately depend on your preferences but you'll want to stir your grounds occasionally to ensure even brewing. When you're done brewing simply remove your heat source, your brewed coffee will be drawn back down through the filter and into the bottom globe. At this point, you can remove the top half of the siphon and begin serving. The bottom half of the stovetop siphon is fitted with a convenient handle and features a spout for easy serving. The term "cup" as used by Yama means about 3-4 oz of coffee per cup.

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