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Your Personal Barista, The Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Perfect machine for the workaholic

A super-automatic espresso machine is for the busiest of coffee lovers, and anyone who needs their morning cappuccino to survive another day at the office. While working hard everyday, let this coffee machine take a load off of your shoulders. Mornings can be chaotic, but with a super-automatic espresso machine you can own the morning with just the press of a button.

A super-auto does all of the work for you, so let’s go over some of the features you can expect from a super-auto that allows them to make your life that much easier.

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Cafe Espresso at Home: Why You Should Get A Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Why You Should Get A Semi-Auto

If you're seeing this, you probably have a lot of questions about getting into home espresso. With countless choices on the market between this coffee maker or that espresso machine, you've likely discovered that making the correct choice isn't quite as simple as a single online search and making a purchase. With that, you may already know that there are a few types of espresso machine that describe, in broad strokes, what they're capable of and how they're used. We would like to simplify all of that.

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The Best of the Best: Why You Should Get a Prosumer Machine

If you're in the market for a new espresso machine, chances are you've been staggered by the sheer volume of choices available to you. There's a lot to choose from out there and the path toward brewing great coffee at home can feel nothing short of labyrinthine. If you're serious about your espresso and you want to brew the best drinks with the best equipment available, that choice can be that much more difficult. So, with that, we wanted to take a moment and go over who a prosumer machine is for and why that is, in detail.

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The Art of Manual Coffee Brewing and Why You Should Try it

unsplash aristanal background
We shouldn’t forget about the connection we can have with our coffee. Some of us need a machine that can do everything for us, saving precious minutes in the morning while still providing cafe-quality espresso. On the other hand, some might value their coffee preparation as a great use of their time. Disconnecting from the world of whirring machines and busy cafes to make a real effort into preparing coffee can be just as rewarding as making a home-cooked meal or building something on your own.

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Cafe Quality: The Ceado E37S

Ceado E37S lifestyle silver 1
The Ceado E37S is a peculiar case in the world of espresso grinders, as, for some reason, it has quietly fallen out of the discussion of the best grinders around. In late November of 2018, the writers at Whole Latte Love got to catch up with Tony Colón, a local barista and the owner of the quickly growing Fuego Coffee in Rochester, New York. Tony discussed with us how he is a fan of the E37S.

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How to Choose a Prosumer Espresso Machine: Dual Boiler or Heat Exchange?

So, you’re super serious about your espresso and need a machine that reflects your passion. Maybe you’ve been limited by a finicky, entry-level single-boiler machine, or you're ready to jump right in with a very capable first machine. At the prosumer level we’re generally talking about machines with either a heat exchange boiler or dual boilers, full commercial size 58 mm portafilters, substantial groups, and robust construction.

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How to Choose the Best Espresso Machine for Beginners

Imagine the luxury of cafe-quality coffee beverages in your home or office. Now, whether you want the convenience of a latte at the push of a button or you're looking for a more barista-like experience, there’s a machine for you. So coming up I’ll cover the two basic machine types and things you should know when picking a machine, like terminology and basic capabilities. I’ll have some specific recommendations which are my “can’t go wrong” picks, machines that have excellent customer reviews, proven track records, and represent good values. After reading this, you’ll have what you need to pick a machine that’s right for you.

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Whole Latte Love's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Guide Header

The holiday season is a time for friends and family to come together and show their appreciation for one another. The problem is that finding gifts can be tough with all of the decisions out there, and for coffee lovers, the list of great gifts is seemingly endless. Don’t worry, we at Whole Latte Love want to help make the decision a little easier, so we’ve put together some of our favorite products of 2018 for you to look through. Coffee has an uncanny ability to bring us all together and bond together, so make sure you have the right pieces for this upcoming holiday.

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Espresso Virtuoso: A History of illy

Today we're here to talk about illy, one of our strongest partners in the industry and distributors of superlative coffee. illy has been one of coffee’s most ambitious and innovative companies since Francesco Illy set up shop in Trieste, Italy in 1933. In 1934, illy patented their pressurization process, allowing them to package their beans right after roasting, retaining their aroma and freshness until the can is opened.

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