Whole Latte Love Angel Bean

Quick Tips

Beginners Gaggia Espresso Machines

If you want to make lattes, cappuccinos or espresso at home and are looking for an entry level machine to get started in home espresso brewing, try the Gaggia Espresso Pure or Gaggia Espresso Color semi-automatic espresso machine.

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Choosing a Portafilter

What should you be looking for in a portafilter? Watch this video for some quick tips when making a buying decision between single spout, dual spout and bottomless.

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Espresso Without a Grinder

You've wanted to get into making espresso at home. But a grinder just isn't in your budget. Learn about pressurized filter baskets and how they allow you to get started without having a grinder

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Alternate Brew Methods

Are you getting bored with brewing regular drip coffee? If you are looking to get adventurous with a new brewing method, watch this video to discover additional ways to prepare your java!

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