Tips and Inspiration for Organizing Your Coffee Setup

by Jessica Pavia Updated: August 25, 2023 5 min read
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From tampers to coffee beans, cups and glasses, brewing your own espresso and coffee is a hobby that leads to an ever-growing collection of accessories and upgrades.

So what are you to do with all these things? How can you organize your setup to serve you and maximize space? That’s what we’re discussing in this blog, with some inspiration from setup photos submitted by Whole Latte Love customers.

For Your Cups

Looking around at what our customers and other coffee-lovers are doing, it seems that hooks are a fan-favorite option. You can either use a shelf with hooks, Command hooks, or simply screw some right into your wall (with care). A really beautiful option we’ve seen is having the hooks under your cabinets for a chic, Parisian café look.

Hooks for Cups One

Image sent by Ana M Londono.

Using hooks for your cups means your sightline travels up, rather than over a cluttered countertop. This is an especially great option if you don’t have ample cabinet space to take up with various mugs and cups of all different sizes — some of our personal favorites include notNeutral's Large Latte Cup And Saucer in indigo, and Espresso Cup And Saucer in matte black.

Hooks for Cups Two

Image sent by George Hendrix.

Tabletop Shelves

Another option we’ve seen a lot of is using a small tabletop shelving unit. These are great to put cups if hooks are not an option (like for these Fellow cups) or to hold frothing pitchers or various other tamping and distribution tools. This works best for basically anything you want off the counter and somewhere more controlled.

Single-Serve Coffee Baskets

Single-Serve Basket

Image sent by Sarah Mayer.

At Whole Latte Love we have a great set of two baskets for single-serve coffee cups. However, you could definitely get creative with the storage space and find something beyond K-cups to keep there! If you stick to pour-over coffees, nestle your coffee filters into one section and measuring or tasting spoons in the other.

Check it Out
Tips and Inspiration for Organizing Your Coffee Setup

Set of Two Single-Serve Coffee Baskets

Complete Your Set-Up with the Set of Two Single-Serve Coffee Baskets Safely store your T-Discs, Dolce Gusto or Nespresso capsules, and other single-serve coffee packs with these Single-Serve Coffee...

These baskets are actually a set of two that can be stacked on top of each other, or used in other parts of your kitchen.

Tamper Stations

Knockbox One

Image sent by Jaesung Han.

Here’s where the problem that causes cluttered counters really lies: all your tampers, distributors, and WDT tools. Maybe you have different tampers for each portafilter size, or like to interchange your handles with the Joe Frex Elegance Tampers based on how your styles change. Luckily, many coffee and espresso companies have realized this as well, and come up with solutions.

Tamper Station Image

Image sent by Michal Gacek.

Bravo Acrylic Stand

Bravo offers an acrylic tamper and distributor stand is a sturdy, modern and minimalist design. The two holes cut into the stand can accommodate both the 54.7mm and 58.4mm tools from Bravo, including their distributor and tamper.

Tips and Inspiration for Organizing Your Coffee Setup

Bravo Acrylic Tamper and Distributor Stand - Black

3 Reviews
Overview The Bravo Acrylic Stand in Black keeps your coffee bar neat and organized so you’ll always have your tools ready to go when you’re pulling a shot of espresso. The stand depicts a modern an...

Rocket Tamper Station

Similarly, Rocket Espresso offers a tamper station. Not only does this tray give you an allocated spot to hold your tamper, it also provides a fantastic raised surface to tamp against. This will keep your portafilter level for consistent, efficient tamping. Rocket’s Tamper Station is made from stainless steel for durability and easy clean-up, making it the perfect addition to any espresso setup.

Tamper Station Image

Image sent by William Santiago.

Eureka Mignon Mat Kit

Eureka Mignon Mat Kit Two

Image sent by Sally Lin.

Having designated spots always makes organization easier, whether you’re a label making fanatic or enjoy a good Tetris project. The Eureka Mignon Mat Kit takes this in stride, with divots for your Eureka Mignon grinder to fit into and other divots for your tamping tools. Meaning, it’s a one-stop shop for grinding and preparation, keeping everything compact. Plus, the mat is dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean thanks to an included brush.

Eureka Mignon Mat Kit

Image sent by Michael Iannazzone.

Simplify Your Coffee Collection

When coffee is your passion, it’s easy to collect quite a lot of beans. A new flavor from your favorite local coffee roaster? Whole Latte Love’s sale on illy? Of course you had to stock up on a few bags. You can minimize the clutter while staying organized by using canisters designed to hold coffee and keep it fresh. All you have to do is rip off your coffee bag’s label and tuck it into the vessel to remember which is which later.

DeLonghi Canisters

Much like the Fellow Atmos Vacuum Containers, the DeLonghi Vacuum Coffee Canister and DeLonghi Ground Coffee Canister both keep your beans (or ground coffee) fresh while simplifying the look of your espresso bar. The first has a polished stainless steel body that ensures freshness for 15 days, and can hold up to one pound or 450g of coffee. The latter is a gray-wash container with black lid and stainless steel rim. This canister can hold up to 170g or 6oz of coffee, and comes with stickers to help you distinguish each flavor and brand.

Bialetti Glass Storage Jar

If you prefer a glass jar to ensure you can always see how much coffee you have left, this storage jar from Bialetti is a great choice. This jar is specifically designed to hold coffee for Moka pots, but you can always get creative and use it for other grinds or even whole beans depending on your brewing preferences.

Build Up Not Out

If you’re scrapped for space, try building your coffee station up rather than out. So find whatever you can place under your espresso machine, grinder, or any other large item you might have in your setup.

ECM Knockbox Slim

This knockbox from ECM is durable and slim, meaning it slides easily under your espresso machine to clear up countertop space. Coming in at only 3.45 inches in height and 5.5 inches in width, it’s small but durably made with stainless steel. An added bonus, the internal knock bar is sound absorbing for minimal noise in the morning.


ECM Knockbox Slim.

Profitec Knock Drawer

Our final knockbox option is the Profitec Knock Drawer, which is taller than the other two but right in the middle width-wise. Like the others, it’s made out of stainless steel for durability. It also comes with a removable silicone-coated knock bar to minimize the noise of striking out a spent puck. Simply place the drawer under your grinder or machine and slide the drawer in and out to keep the mess out of sight.

Tips and Inspiration for Organizing Your Coffee Setup

Profitec Knock Drawer

4 Reviews
Profitec Knock Drawer Overview The Profitec Knock Box (drawer) keeps with Profitec’s style of sleek, minimal designs that bring something new to the table. This knock drawer is made of polished sta...

In Conclusion

When it comes to your coffee and espresso station, organization is as straight-forward and easy as you make it. We offer quite a few accessories and tools that can help, but there’s plenty of DIY projects you can take advantage of to make your coffee bar truly your own. If you use any of these tips to maximize your space, let us know by posting on Facebook or Instagram and tagging us.
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