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Rocket Espresso Tamper Station (tamper not included)

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The perfect companion for any semi-automatic espresso machine, the 7″ x 4” RocketEspresso Tamping Station looks good anywhere but especially next to your Rocket Espresso machine. Fashioned from stainless steel for long life, and covered in a rubberized black coating, it holds your portafilter level and straight while you tamp the grounds. It even has a parking place for your tamper so it will always be at hand.

*PLEASE NOTE: That the pictured Rocket Espresso Tamper is sold separately and is not included with the tamper station.



Stainless steel, black


7" x 4"

Body Material

Steel, rubber


Sully asked:

Can you set the Portafilter down in the station and use the tamper without holding the portafilter handle? I am one-handed coffee guy.?

Answer by Sanfam:

Compared agaiinst several other tamping stations, this one supports the portafilter by its spout--this makes it relatively easy for single-handed tamp.

Jung Min asked:

Include 58mm tamper?

Answer by A:

The Rocket Espresso Tamper Station does not come with the tamper. Just the base.

Answer by SSgt93:

They should make it clear in the listing that the tamper is not included.


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