Bean to Cup Single Serve Coffee Machines Review

March 10, 2017

And just in time for the holidays we’ve got our best prices ever on our most sought after machines. Now more that in a minute including a closer look at one of my favorites.

So these machines have been Europe’s little secret, incredibly popular across the pond. And why? Well, compared to capsule machines, they’re just as fast, more convenient, more capable and don’t produce plastic waste.


On top of all that, the cost per cup is about a third of what it is from a capsule machine. you know those capsules? Well most of the cost is for the plastic and not the pre-ground coffee inside. Kinda crazy huh?


So let’s talk capabilities with a bean to cup machine. Do you like lattes and cappuccinos? Well these machines make them. How about espresso? They do that too. All your favorite coffee beverages from a quick travel mug to go, to beautifully layered milk based drinks all made from fresh ground whole beans at the touch of a button.

Coffee brewing.

On top of that, you get control of coffee strength and temperature. And you can adjust grind size to get the most flavor out of those fresh ground whole beans. And all are easily programmable to deliver exactly the amount of coffee you want.

So at whole latte love you can choose from basic low cost machines right on up to top of the line models ready to serve 100 plus beverages a day in busy office.

Favorite Bean to Cup Machines

For average home use one of my favorites is the Gaggia Anima. It’s very easy to use. just add beans and water and your ready to go. Now what I really like about the Anima, it’s one of the narrowest machines. With height adjustable dual spouts you can fit taller travel mugs for coffee to go and make two coffees at once. It has 5 coffee strengths plus a spot where you can load pre-ground coffee - that’s handy if you want a decaf from time to time.

Temperature Settings

There are 3 temperature settings so can have your coffee as hot as you want and programmable automatic shut-off timer. So really fantastic pricing on the Gaggia Anima right now for the holidays. It comes in 3 models. The base model Anima has an auto frothing steam wand for no skill required milk based drinks. The Anima Deluxe use a cappuccinatore for frothing milk into your glass. The top of the line Anima Prestige comes with an attachable milk carafe. Just pull it from the fridge attach it to the machine and press a single button for a perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato.

So what do you think? Are you ready to move up to better coffee made from whole beans ground fresh for every cup? Would you enjoy easy lattes and cappuccinos? How about all the convenience of a capsule machine with less waste and a lower cost per cup?

If that’s you, with special savings on now, it’s time to check out automatic bean to cup coffee machines at Whole Latte Love. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll come back soon for more of the good stuff on everything coffee.