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Gaggia Anima Prestige Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

By Gaggia

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The Gaggia Anima Prestige is an Italian made espresso machine that delivers on-demand cappuccinos and latte macchiatos at the touch of a button. It’s slim build and stainless accents allow it to slide effortlessly into most home cafés.

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Gaggia Anima Prestige Overview

The Gaggia Anima Prestige is an Italian made super-automatic espresso machine with a slim and chic design and the ability to brew a cappuccino or latte macchiato at the touch of a button. Its tall spouts are perfect for long coffees or luxurious layered milk drinks and the one-touch carafe conveniently froths milk and can be stored in the fridge between uses. For multi-user households or people who enjoy extra large drinks, the large reservoir makes this machine an ideal choice.

Features and Performance

The Anima Prestige is a mere 8.8” wide and 13.4” high, making it most at home under tall cabinets or on a dedicated brew bar to provide clearance for the reservoir and hopper lids. Each drink is brewed with freshly ground beans via the 5 step ceramic burr grinder. You can customize your preferred drink strength with one of 5 settings between extra mild to extra strong and your preferred temperature between low, medium and high for a range of 160 - 185° f. To guarantee perfect dosing, the Gaggia Adapting System will automatically adjust the grind cycle as it learns your coffee after several brew cycles.

For coffee drinks the Anima Prestige offers on-demand espresso and espresso lungo which can be programmed to your desired volume simply by pressing and holding the button. Pressing the button twice will cause the drink to be ground and brewed twice in a row. You can also brew using pre-ground coffee by selecting the scoop icon via the aroma strength button and filling the machine via the bypass doser.

Milk drinks are produced with one-touch thanks to the auto-frothing carafe. With the carafe locked in, the Anima Prestige can produce a cappuccino, latte macchiato, or simply frothed milk at the touch of a button. The carafe inserts into a dedicated socket on the left side of the display and can be removed and stored in the refrigerator when not in use. When the carafe is removed, Gaggia has also included a hot water spout that takes its place and also allows you to dispense hot water for americanos, tea, or hot cocoa. Milk drinks and frothed milk can be customized just like the coffee drinks to your preferred coffee and milk volume.

Thanks to its height, the Anima Prestige has a tall 60 oz water reservoir and 15 puck dreg drawer. The bean hopper holds up to 8.8oz of whole bean coffee, the frothing carafe holds 17 oz of milk, and the drip tray has a 24 oz capacity with a red float to remind you when it needs to be emptied. The brew spouts are just shy of 6” tall and the blue LED screen alerts you when you need to refill the water reservoir, add more beans, clean the carafe, empty the dreg drawer, or descale.

Why You Should Get It

The Anima Prestige delivers effortless luxury with its tasteful steel accents and one-touch specialty milk drinks. Its carafe is a convenient solution to both milk frothing and easy cleanup while the higher capacities mean less emptying and refilling on your part. With a price tag of less than $1,000, this Anima’s Prestige is more in reach than you might think.

What's in the Box

  • 1x Tube of Brew Group Lubricant
  • 1x Bypass Doser Measuring Scoop / Grind Adjustment Key
  • 1x Water Hardness Test Strip
  • Gaggia Adapting System

    Designed by Italian engineers, the Gaggia Adapting System uses algorithmic learning to self-adjust grinding time based on your strength setting and your coffee. There’s no guesswork to great espresso; the Anima Prestige will automatically adapt to optimal dosing for extra mild to extra strong coffee.

  • Tall Brew Spouts

    The Anima Prestige’s tall spouts and 60oz reservoir make it a great choice if you prefer tall, full-bodied coffees or large volume milk drinks. With 5.9” of clearance, extra tall cups and specialty glasses fit where they otherwise wouldn’t on other machines. The 15 puck capacity of the dreg drawer is perfect if you have multiple users or frequently use the x2 function.

  • Integrated Milk Carafe

    The Gaggia Anima Prestige features a double-chambered carafe which locks into the front of the machine to dispense frothed milk directly into your cup. The Prestige runs an automatic cleaning cycle after every use to keep the milk circuit clean, and the carafe can be removed and stored in the refrigerator. A spout can be installed in its place to dispense hot water for tea and Americanos.

  • Stainless Steel Accents

    Manufactured at Gaggia’s factory in Italy the Anima Prestige takes inspiration from the design of the Gaggia Accademia, featuring stainless steel front paneling, soft rectangular buttons and chrome colored linework and accenting. The soft blue of the LED adds a relaxed feel to brewing on the Anima Prestige.


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Property Value
Boiler Configuration Thermoblock
Number of Boilers 1
Boiler Features Rapid Steam
Brew Boiler Heater Location External
Brew Boiler Material Stainless Steel-Lined Aluminum
Brew Boiler Orientation Vertical
Brew Boiler Type Thermoblock
Brew Group Features Automatic Cleaning Cycle,Removable
Brew Unit Material Plastic
Brew Unit Type Automatic
Brew Group Type Other
Brew Boiler Wattage 1400
Carafe Features Anti-Spill Pouring
Recommended Application Home / Residential
Display Type LCD
Controls and Additional Features Adjustable Coffee Strength,Aroma / Flow Control,Automatic Shut-Off,Bypass Doser,Cup Volume Control,Digital Display,Energy Saving Design,Low-Water Warning,Multiple-User Programmability,Pre-Infusion,Programmable Brewing,Temperature Control
Type of Controls Push Button
Cup Height (max, inches) 5.9 in
Cup Height (min, inches) 4.33
Dreg Drawer Capacity (Spent Pucks) 15
Drip Tray Capacity (oz) 24 fl-oz
Drip Tray Cover Material Metal
Drip Tray Material Plastic
Grinder Burr Type Ceramic
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 8.8 oz
Property Value
Grinding Method Flat Burr
Housing Color Stainless Steel
Housing Material Plastic
Recommended Descaler Type Gaggia Decalcifier
Recommended Water Filter Mavea Intenza
Depth (Inches) 16.93
Height (Inches) 13.38
Weight (Lbs) 17.5
Width (Inches) 8.7
Cappuccino Dispensing Height (inches) 5.8 in
Pump Type Vibration
Number of Grinder Settings 5
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider Whole Latte Love
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number 1-888-411-5282
Manufacturers Warranty Period 2-Year Parts and Labor
Amps 11.66 A
Volt 110V-120V (US)
Watts 1400 Watt
Power Cord Length (inches) 48 in
Steam Wand Pannarello
Water Reservoir Access Location Top
Water Reservoir Capacity 60 fl-oz
Water Reservoir Features Removable
Water Reservoir Material Clear Plastic
Water Source Built-In Reservoir

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