Accessory for La Spaziale - In-Tank Softener Replacement Filter

This is the replacment filter for the in-tank water filter and softener assembly.

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BWT Bestcup Premium M Water Filter Cartridge

By: BWT water+more

Complete your Set-Up with the BWT Bestcup Premium M Filter Cartridge The BWT Bestcup Premium M Water Filter is an in-tank water filter that connects to your machine’s water intake to produce delicious water that will not produce scale in your espresso machine. BWT uses a four step filtration system that removes unwa...
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BWT Bestcup Filter Adapter

By: BWT water+more

Complete your Set-Up with the BWT Bestcup Filter Adapter FILTER SOLD SEPARATELY The BWT Bestcup Cartridge Adapter allows you to install a BWT Bestcup filter cartridge in the water tank of your prosumer espresso machine. The adapter is small sized and can be placed anywhere within the water tank with an included suct...
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