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AeroPress Coffee Maker - Original

By Aeropress

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The AeroPress is a coffee brewing option that is simple, quick, versatile, and delicious. Brew espresso, coffee, cold brew, and lattes in under a minute and clean up just as quickly. Its compact size and easy setup make it great for use at home or on the road.

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AeroPress Original Coffee Press Overview

Unlike a French press, the AeroPress uses disposable micro-filters to strain out stray coffee grounds and ensure sediment-free drinks. This unique coffee and espresso maker is portable and efficient—capable of delivering a complete beverage in roughly 30 seconds (20-second actual press time). The uncompromising seal lets the press build rapid air pressure, when the plunger is depressed, to brew flavorful, smooth and low-acid coffee.

To use, put the paper filter into place and add two scoops of finely ground coffee to the bottom cylinder (brewing chamber). Place the AeroPress on top of a standard coffee cup. Pour hot water (175°F, as recommended by Aerobie) over the ground coffee. Stir the water-coffee mixture for 10 seconds. Wet the rubber seal on the top cyclinder (plunger) and insert it into the brewing chamber. Carefully and gently press down on the plunger.

The AeroPress extracts a double espresso. Hot water can be added to create an Americano or top the drink off with milk to make a latte.

Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe

Made in the USA

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