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By: Gaggia
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I have a Gaggia titanium will this brew unit fits?

Answer by Sanfam:

This brew unit will absolutely fit the Titanium!  

Everything I've seen and read says yes, but I thought I'd double check before I ordered.





Answer by Sanfam:

This part is between 95% and 100% identical to the part used by your machine.  The primary differences would be a shorter filter screen post (inconsequential), and a dispensing nozzle of a different length (something you could swap from your old part to the new one with about three philips head screws).  With that in mind, it should work fine!

Bob asked:

My Gagliardi titanium isn't working so well... The coffee puck stays on the 'paddle' and it is very, very wet, gobbs of water is left in the tray. Is this a brew unit problem?

Answer by techkathy:

Hi Bob,

It sounds like you might be using a coffee that is too oily. What kind of coffee are you using? If it's an oily roast, trying switching out for something a little drier. Also you might want to try cleaning and calibrating your machine. Here's an instructional video on how to do that: http://www.wholelattelove.com/videos.cfm?playvidID=339. Also, I suggest rinsing your brew group really well, and then letting it dry overnight on a dish rack.

Answer by Dooner:

I know you probably can't recommend a specific brand but for me to understand what a non oily bean looks like, would that be like the Lavazza Super Crema.  How about The Filicori Kave decaf bean?


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