Bodum Assam Glass Cups 13 oz

Bodum Assam Glass Cups 13 oz

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notNeutral CICLONE Cooler 10oz Double Walled Cups - Set of 2

By: notNeutral

Strikingly unique in design, notNeutral’s Ciclone cooler set is perfect for whipping up a hot or iced latte to share with a friend.
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Bodum Assam Glass Cups

Handblown by the expert artisans at Bodum, the Assam double-walled cups are perfect for everyday use. Made of insulated borosilicate glass, these heat-resistant glasses are the perfect compliment to any kitchen décor. And because of their double-walled glass construction, hot drinks will stay hot without burning your fingers. The Assam Glass Cups, available in 3oz, 7oz, 13oz, and 20oz sizes, are microwave and dishwasher safe.