Bodum Canteen Glass Cups 6 oz

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notNeutral CICLONE Tumbler 6oz Double Walled Cups - Set of 2

By: notNeutral

Strikingly unique in design, notNeutral’s Ciclone tumbler set is perfect for crafting a creamy cappuccino to share with a friend.
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Bodum Canteen Glass Cups

With their functional and sleek design, the Bodum Canteen cups are an essential addition to every cup collection. The Canteen cups are constructed of double-walled glass that not only makes them fabulous at keeping hot drinks hot, but also adds an element of presentation every time you serve a drink. Bodum’s Canteen cups are available in sets of two 3 oz., 6 oz, or 13 oz glasses.


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