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Bonavita Variable Temperature 1.0L Gooseneck Electric Kettle

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The Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle is one of the most technically advanced kettles we have handled at a very affordable price. Beside its beautiful form and noticeable craftsmanship it has temperature controls that are unbelievable precise. Now you can dial in the perfect water temperature for pour-over coffees and drippers and match precise temperature for exact perfect brewing of your Black, Oolong, White or Green teas with confidence!

Controls are easy to keep clean with no-joint bubble buttons on the control panel and a very readable real-time LED temperature display of the water temperature inside the kettle!  LED display shows water temperature, accurate to within 1% of water-inside-the-kettle temperature (typically accurate to +/- 2° F). Choose from six preset temperatures or set your own desired temperature by degree.

The bottom of the kettle remains safe to touch when removed from the base and can be set down on any surface without fear of heat damage from under the kettle. This allows for placement directly on a table or countertop for easy portability and serving. When the kettle is removed from the base you can set a count-up timer so that you can time your tea steeping or your pour-over coffee rate without scrambling around to set a separate timer. Very cool!

A large handle and the balanced ergonomics of the gooseneck kettle make it very easy to control pouring when you are trying to accurately swirl the hot water into your dripper funnel. The unique aspects of this kettle make it perfectly suitable for commercial use and it has a commercial UL rating.

The gleaming brushed stainless steel kettle sets on a marvelous electronically controlled platform base and lifts off wirelessly so you can use the kettle without worry about power cord length. You can set the kettle back on the base from any direction; it is not indexed to a fixed location. No other kettle has sensors built into the kettle like the Bonavita for computerized accuracy of the water temperature in the kettle!

Another unique feature is no temperature overshoot, that is; as the water in the kettle nears the selected temperature heating is gradually reduced so that it arrives at precisely the desired temperature.

  • Six preset temperatures or you can set a temperature starting from 140° F
  • Temperature set/hold for up to one hour
  • Water temperature readout on LED display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Accurate to within 1% of preset temperature (typically accurate to +/- 2° F)
  • LED Count Up Timer for manual coffee or tea steeping
  • Gooseneck spout for excellent pour control
  • Quick heat-up from room temperature to boiling in approximately 5 minutes
  • Excess base power cord wraps into the base to keep counter tops neat
  • Commercial UL certified (means tested at 5 times the use cycles as a household rated item)
  • Comes with a base shield for commercial coffee shop use for easy clean up throughout the day
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior 360° cordless set-down
  • 120V 1000W
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

To extract the best flavor from your tea leaves it is important to learn the proper steeping temperature and time for the specific type of tea you will be brewing. Black and herbal teas are best brewed at boiling, 212°F while green, white and oolong teas are brewed at lower temperatures. Each tea also has a specific amount of time that the tea leaves should be in contact with the water.


joyful1980 asked:

I have a couple of questions, if you please. We use an aeropress for our coffee making, so not necessarily a pour over type. Does the handle on either unit get hot? Also on the handle of the gooseneck it seems more comfortable to grip and I like the finger grip area. Does the larger kettle handle fit a normal hand? It seems small or tight? When you pour boiling or near boiling water out of the larger kettle spout does it bubble or whoosh out like in a regular stove top kettle? Down the road I am wondering about lime buildup in the tiny goose neck spout and if it does happen how does one clean that? Last question, the lids, I like the concept on the larger kettle of pushing a button on the lid area and it opens (no touching a hot kettle). Does the lid on the gooseneck get super hot that when you take it off to refill that you would need to cover w a pot holder to keep from burning yourself? thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Sue

Answer by A:

To keep this easy to read, I am going to answer your questions in order:
The handles on either do not transfer much heat at all. It's a great material and a great design.

We have the non vaiable temp goose neck kettle in our kitchen for use with our Hario and Aeropress, and everyone is very comfortable using it.

Unlike stove top kettles, the Bonavita's distribute heat very well, and the water does not flash boil and bubble while it's pouring.

We've never had a trace of lime on our kettle here! If you notice any, you could use a product like the Pallo Steamy Wanda to scrub the inside of the goose neck easily.

The lid does get hot as a result of steam from the water boiling. The black handle on the lid is made of the same material as the actual handle on the kettle, so it stays cool!

My apologies if my answer seems blunt... It's a lot of information to type out without rambling!

If you have anymore questions, by all means, let us know!


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