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Bravo Espresso Tamper Light Wood Handle 54.7mm

By Bravo

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The Bravo Tamper is an innovative tool that takes the guesswork out of tamping pressure and consistency. The intentional design prevents over tamping to ensure perfect shots.

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The Bravo Tamper is an innovative tool designed to ensure even compression and apply consistent tamping pressure to your coffee puck. Endorsed by Dalla Corte coffee pro Danilo Lodi, this pro-barista tool will level up your home, office or commercial espresso experience. 

The tamper is designed with an internal spring and an external spring to ensure you’re applying consistent pressure. By removing the screw cap at the top of the tamper, tamping pressure can be adjusted between 26 - 34 lbs using an Allen key. Default tamping pressure is set to 34 lbs and will decrease approximately 2.5 lbs per millimeter turned with the Allen bolt. Once your desired tamping pressure has been reached, thread seal tape will be necessary to secure the Allen bolt in place.

Compared to other spring-operated tampers, the Bravo tamper’s outer rim rests gently on the outside of the portafilter while you press gently in a downward motion. Unlike the Bravo Espresso Tamper, standard spring-and-click tampers have no mechanism that prevents you from applying an excessive amount of pressure on the coffee puck. 

If you really take your morning coffee seriously then consider the Bravo Tamper as a staple in your espresso routine. To achieve further quality results, you can pair the tamper with Bravo’s Distributor which takes the mess and inconsistency of the four-corners technique out of the question and delivers a clean and polished surface that’s ready to be tamped.

Compatible with Dalla Corte 54mm Portafilters

How to Use the Bravo Tamper

  1. Place the Bravo Tamper on top of your coffee grounds so that the rim rests on the perimeter of your portafilter.
  2. Slowly press down with one hand using the ergonomic handle, to compress the coffee. Continue to press down with a consistent pressure until you feel the pressure from the second internal spring and the surface of the tamper hits the coffee bed. You will feel the upper axis of the tamper touch the screw cap—this indicates that your tamper has reached a sufficient amount of tamping pressure.
  3. Slowly release the tamper, letting it return to its original position so that you do not create a vacuum and disturb the coffee bed.
  4. If desired, apply gentle pressure and rotate the tamper clockwise and counterclockwise to further polish the coffee bed.


Property Value
Base Material Stainless Steel
Base Style Flat
Property Value
Tamper Diameter 54.7
Handle Material Wood/Aluminum
Tamp Pressure Regulation Yes

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