Breville BCG600SIL Dose Control Pro Grinder

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Breville BCG820BSSXL Smart Grinder Pro

By: Breville

Owning the Breville BCG820BKSXL Smart Grinder Pro The Breville Smart Grinder Pro BCG820BKSXL in black is the latest iteration in their line of electronic dosing grinders. Improving upon the design of its predecessors, the Pro boasts a number of new features and considerations that make the grinder more suited for ev...
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Owning the Breville BCG600SIL Dose Control Pro Grinder

The Breville Dose Control Pro Grinder BCG600SIL is a timed conical burr grinder. Choose between one of 60 stepped grind settings based on what you’re brewing, dial in your grind time, and go! If you’re grinding for espresso, the Dose Control comes two removable portafilter cradles (designed for 50-54 and 58mm) for hands free operation. Also included is Breville’s unique Razor dosing tool that can be used to level off your grounds before tamping. Internally, beans are ground with a set of stainless steel conical burrs. The 12oz bean hopper features a locking mechanism and can be easily removed should you need to swap out your coffee or get to your burrs for cleaning.

Grinding time can be set between 1 - 50 seconds, allowing you to grind exactly the right amount of coffee every time. With the Dose Control Pro you can grind directly into your portafilter, grinds container, filter basket, or paper filter. Included with each grinder are two portafilter cradles to accommodate 50-54mm and 58mm diameter portafilters. You can pause the grinding cycle at any time, allowing you to adjust or redistribute your grounds as necessary before continuing.The bean hopper has a 12oz bean capacity and features a locking system for easy removal, storage, and transfer.Included with each Dose Control Pro is an adjustable Razor dosing tool that is compatible with 50mm, 54mm, and 58mm portafilter baskets.

Dimensions: 8” D x 6” W x 13.5” H

Weight: 7.8lbs


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