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Bunn BX Classic 10 Cup Brewer in Black

By Bunn

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Essential Info:

When you find yourself running late in the morning, the Bunn BX Classic Brewer can help ease some of the stress. With an internal thermostat and efficient pourover system that always keeps water at an ideal temperature for brewing, the BX can brew up to 10 cups of coffee in three minutes or less. This coffee maker features classic styling with an attractive black or white exterior and stainless steel accents. Since it is equipped with a stainless steel tank and a sprayhead that is designed for efficiency, the BX Classic will produce hot coffee that pleases your taste buds. This machine is also ideal for dispensing hot water for tea or hot chocolate.

Once you take a little time to set up the Bunn Classic Brewer, it is simple to make great-tasting coffee from then on. Before you brew your first pot of coffee, you need to prepare the coffee maker for future use. Follow the initial set up guide included in the user’s manual, which includes filling the machine with cold water and waiting 15 minutes for the water in the tank to heat. After the BX Classic is prepped for use, it will brew 10 cups of coffee in 3 minutes. This coffee maker is designed to stay on all the time, so the water is always at the ideal brewing temperature of 200° F. However, when you won’t be using the machine for more than 3 days, don’t forget to use the rocker switch on the left side of the base to shut off all of the electrical components. Remember: when you are ready to use the BX again, it will take another 15 minutes for the water in the tank to be heated to the brewing temperature. Closing the top lid on the BX Classic gives the machine the signal to start brewing, so just be sure that the brew funnel and 50 oz decanter are in place before you close it. While the coffee is being brewed, hot water that has been stored in the tank is pushed through the filter and the newest water remains in the tank to be heated for the next time you brew. This coffee maker also has a lighted On/Off switch at the top of the front panel which controls the porcelain-coated warming plate.


It only takes 3 minutes to make a pot of coffee with the Bunn BX Classic Brewer, and with its internal thermostat and unique pourover system, this coffee maker always delivers a great-tasting brew. You can also enhance the coffee’s flavor even more by grinding fresh beans just before brewing and adjusting the amount of coffee.


The Bunn BX Classic Brewer has a no-nonsense look about it with its sturdy, built-to-last exterior that is available in black or white.Both models have stainless steel accents. The front of the coffee maker is neat and clean with just one lighted On/Off switch, which controls the porcelain-coated warming plate. The machine’s sturdy, stainless steel tank and sprayhead ensure that the BX Classic Brewer delivers the best coffee possible.


The 50-oz carafe that accompanies the BX Classic is imprinted with fluid level indicator lines that are easy to read.The carafe’s lid reduces coffee evaporation and retains heat. To enjoy the maximum taste from your coffee, it is recommended that it remain in this carafe for no more than 20 to 30 minutes. It is also important to clean this container every day so acids and other organic materials that can ruin the taste of coffee do not accumulate on the walls or bottom of the carafe.


The BX’s 800-watt boiler maintains the water you use for brewing at just the right temperature for making high quality coffee.This boiler, equipped with a high-grade internal thermostat, is so effective that you can count on this coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee in just 3 minutes because hot water is always available.

Hot Plate:

The Bunn BX Classic Brewer is equipped with a 46-watt warmer, which keeps your coffee ready to drink.The porcelain-coated warmer is controlled by an On/Off switch, which is located on the front of the coffee maker. The coffee will retain its flavor for about 20 to 30 minutes on the warmer, but it is recommended that you remove the pot from the warmer and transfer the coffee into a thermal carafe if you plan to keep the brewed coffee for a longer period of time.


The BX Brewer’s reservoir is located at the top of the coffee maker, so it's easy to fill.To begin the brewing process, just lift the lid that covers the reservoir and pour from 20 to 50 oz of water into the machine. Place the carafe on the base and close the lid, which will start the flow of water into the tank. Also be careful to keep the lid closed when the coffee maker is not being used because if the lid is left open, water could drip from the sprayhead when cold water is poured in.

Water Filtration:

There is no water filtration system on the BX Classic Brewer so it is important to use water that does not contain excessive amounts of sediment and chemicals. If you do not have a water filtration system in your home, you may want to use bottled water or attach a filter to your tap.

Coffee Filter:

The Bunn BX Classic Brewer uses a filter that is made with a special grade of paper and oxygen processed for the best-tasting coffee possible. This filter can be re-ordered through Bunn or on our Accessories page.


The Bunn BX comes with a deliming tool and 20 paper filters. To keep minerals from building up in the Bunn BX Brewer’s sprayhead, it is recommended that you use the deliming tool supplied with the machine on a regular basis. This long flexible metal rod is inserted into the sprayhead. The frequency of the deliming process will depend on the mineral content of your water, and a calendar to help you keep track of these cleanings is included with the BX Brewer. Complete instructions on how to disassemble the sprayhead and use the deliming tool are also included with this coffee maker. The Bunn BX also comes with 20 fluted paper filters too.

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