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BWT Bestmin Premium M Filter Cartridge

By BWT water+more

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Complete your Set-Up with the BWT Bestmin Premium M Filter Cartridge

BWT's Bestmin Premium filter cartridge is designed for use with water with low mineral content, or RO treated water to optimize it for use in food service and beverage preparation. The Bestmax Premium uses the four layer filtration process detailed below:

  1. Pre-Filtration - Activated carbon filtration to eliminate unwanted tastes and smells.
  2. Natural Mineralization - Remineralizes water with magnesium.
  3. Activated Carbon - Further elimination of undesired odors and flavors.
  4. Fine Filter Screen - Filters out additional fine particles from water.

Please Note: Regardless of the total water volume run through the cartridge, BWT recommends replacing your filter after a maximum of 12 months of use. The Bestmin Premium M has an average capacity of 10,000 liters.

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