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Ceado E6 Timer Burr Grinder

By Ceado

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Ceado's mantra has always been to think strong and work better, a philosophy that played a large role in the design of their E6 Timer grinder. Under 20" tall, the E6's compact design belies its high performance components and features that allow it to keep pace in commercial environments, even with two group machines. Like all Ceado grinders, the E6 is NSF approved, making it suitable for both home and commercial applications.

Perhaps the most important innovation the grinder features is Ceado's Steady Lock system. The Steady Lock system is designed to maintain a fixed distance between the burrs while grinding, even while under high stress. This helps to ensure particle consistency by preventing the burrs from falling out of calibration. Grind adjustment is stepless, allowing for a near infinite number of grind settings and burrs are 64mm stainless steel discs. In the event that user error, or some form of external element would impede the grinder, the E6 is fitted with overload protection safeguards that cut power to to prevent overheating and damage to the motor.

Unique to this version of the E6 is the grinding timer. When switched on, the grinding timer will cause the grinder to run in 60 second intervals which will completely fill the doser. This feature is especially useful in high volume environments, cutting down on the number of times you have to run the grinder. The doser on the E6 holds up to 220 grams of ground coffee and can be adjusted to dispense between 5.5g - 9g with every pull of the lever. Internally, sections of the doser have been shaped to compact the dose, causing the grounds to fall directly into the center of the portafilter. The dosing chamber is made of high quality polycarbonate and the doser spring is guaranteed for life.

Lastly, a design consideration that will most apparent to home users is the scaled down size of the E6 when compared to other grinders of similar capability. With durable yet lightweight alloy housing, the grinder weighs approximately 21lbs and measures 8.66" W x 14.17" D x 19.5" H. At last Ceado has created a high performance, compact grinder to compete in the home and commercial sectors. Whatever you do, don't call it "mini."

Grinder Timer

The E6's timer switch will cause the grinder to run for a full 60 seconds to fill the dosing chamber with ground coffee.

Steady Lock Grinder

Ceado's Steady Lock system is designed to keep a constant distance between the burrs under any working stress conditions. This ensures grinding consistency by preventing the burrs from falling out of calibration.

Durable Lightweight Housing

The E6 uses lightweight alloy housing and a polycarbonate hopper. The machine is guaranteed for 3 years and the grinder spring is guaranteed for life.

Accurate Dosing

The doser of the E6 can be adjusted between 5.5 and 9 grams of coffee with a maximum capacity of 220g. The inside of the doser has been designed with sections that compact your dose to ensure that your grounds fall into the center of your portafilter with each pull.

High Capacity Overload Protection

In order to ensure high-performance in commercial environments, the grinder has been fitted with overload protection safeguards that prevent accidental blocks caused by external agents or operating errors.


8.66" W x 14.17" D x 19.68"



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