Espresso Gear Robusta Tamping Mat

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Rattleware Packing Mat

By: Rattleware

Complete Your Set-Up with the Rattleware Packing Mat The Rattleware Packing Mat is the perfect surface for tamping espresso prior to brewing. The heavy 1/4 inch rubber mat helps protect your countertop with a non-slip packing surface. Dimensions: 8"x6"x1/4"
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Joe Frex Small Tamping Mat

By: Joe Frex

Complete Your Set-Up with the Joe Frex Small Tamping Mat Protect your countertop with the Joe Frex Small Tamping Mat! Made from 3mm thick, food grade silicone, this mat keeps loose grounds and spilled coffee off of your counter top. The edges are raised to 6mm to avoid spilling and overflow and the mat features a ci...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Espresso Gear Robusta Tamping Mat

The Espresso Gear Robusta Silicone Tamping Mat is the ideal accessory for keeping your counter clean while you tamp your shots. Additionally, the mat will keep the spouts on your portafilter from coming in direct contact with your counter top, preventing scratching and the transfer of germs.

Dimensions: 3mm Thick - 5.5" Diameter


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