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Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

By Fellow

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The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is a knockout home coffee grinder with professional grade features like 64mm flat steel burrs, single dosing, a Smart Speed PID motor, and quiet grinding.

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Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Overview

The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is a home coffee grinder with enough genius in its DNA to jumpstart a new evolution in home brewing. It can single dose, it uses 64mm flat burrs, and comes equipped with a Smart Speed PID motor for more uniform grind quality and particle distribution. There's a lot to love with this incredible grinder.

Features and Performance

The grinder is one of the most important parts of your coffee bar, and the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder respects that. To start, the Ode Brew Grinder uses professional-grade 64mm flat steel burrs which spin to the tune of the Smart Speed PID motor. The burrs themselves are absolutely massive for the price and afford cafe-quality consistency. The Smart Speed PID motor helps with this by keeping RPM stable so that the same grinding forces are applied to every bean, improving grind quality and particle distribution.

The Ode Brew grinder is stepped with 31 grind settings available, with grind size adjusted by the large dial on the front. All you need to do is rotate, and the grinder will glide between Cold Brew, French Press, Drip, Pour Over, and Prismo (coffee using Fellow's AeroPress Filter). For maximum freshness in every cup, the Ode Brew Grinder eschews a large hopper for an 80 gram load chute designed for single dosing. As a final, wonderful touch, the Ode Brew Grinder grinds quietly at about 60 dB, which is about the same level as a normal conversation.

Why You Should Get It

The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder punches way above its weight with a number of professional features that would normally be found on much more expensive grinders. It's consistent, it's quiet, it's easy to adjust, and it lets you single dose.
  • 64mm Flat Steel Burrs

    With massive 64mm flat steel burrs, the Ode Brew Grinder has a cutting edge comparable to professional grinders used in coffee shops and cafes.

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  • Smart Speed PID Motor

    The direct-drive motor uses PID feedback control to keep RPM steady so that forces exerted on the coffee are consistent throughout the grinding process, resulting in better grind quality and more even particle distribution.

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  • Easy Grind Adjustment

    The large dial on the front of the grinder glides between Cold Brew, French Press, Drip, Pour Over, and Prismo (coffee using Fellow's AeroPress Filter).

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  • Single Dose Loading

    The Ode Brew Grinder saves space by ditching a tall hopper and using an 80 gram loading chute instead. This lets you single dose for maximum freshness in the cup.

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