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alisa asked:

Is this the filter holder gasket for the Gaggia Baby Class?

Answer by Sanfam:

This part is for the Rancilio homeline and commercial machines.  The part you're looking for is: http://www.wholelattelove.com/products/gaggia-group-gasket

Don Athon asked:

I've owned my Expobar Office Lever for over six years now and I am still mystified as to how to produce consistent quality shots.  I have settled on a great coffee roasted by a local roasterie and have been experimenting with a variety of grind fineness to get the proper duration.  I have purchased a porta-filter pressure guage and adjusted the OPV to provide the correct shot pressure.  I "temperature surf" by flowing water prior to pulling a shot.  I have adjusted dosing amount and tamping pressure.  I only make adjustments one at a time so I can narrow the variables.  After all that I only produce an exceptional espresso about 1 in ten times.  It is agrivating, but I guess the real question is why am I able to produce the best espresso I've ever tasted every once in awhile?  I'm trying to develop the ability to determine "sour" from "bitter" so I can further diagnose the problem. What else can I do to diagnose what I am doing wrong?  What might I be doing that needs to be corrected?

Answer by mjackson:

Do you own a grinder and if so which one 

Answer by Don Athon:

Rocky Rancillio

After replacing the gasket on my 2004 Silvia, it is very leaky and the portafilter twists way past perpendicular when pulling a shot. I'm sure I have the correct gasket. Has anyone experienced this?

Answer by mjackson:

Check and make sure the beveled side is down. If not it could be  the problem 

Have a Silvia,the manfacture date is 12/05  Not sure if it's V1 orV2  Will this fit?

Answer by techkathy:

This one will definitely fit!

Allisa asked:

Just wanted to make sure this gasket fits the Rancilio Silvia V3 before I order....

Answer by mjackson:

This is the correct gasket for your machine.

clint asked:

Does this fit the Silvia?

Answer by A:

Yes! This gasket fits the Silvia.


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