Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder

The Gaggia MDF coffee grinder exhibits the minimalist simplicity of the brand powered by commercial grade components, making this grinder a matchless entry-level machine.

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Owning the Gaggia MDF

For some of the espresso roustabouts here at the office, the Gaggia MDF was where we got our start, and for good reason. The MDF coffee grinder offers a great deal of value in among competing grinders, featuring commercial grade burrs and a price-point that can’t be matched.

The value begins with the hopper, generously sized to accommodate 10 oz of whole beans. At the base of the hopper you’ll discover your grinder adjustment, featuring a total of 34 fineness settings. We generally prefer ours at around 6 for a bright extraction, but it can range up to a much coarser grind well-suited to drip coffee or french press. Inside the machine, the Gaggia MDF employs 50mm flat tempered-steel burrs to create fine, consistent grounds. The 100 watt motor and gear-reduction system reduce noise and heat transfer to protect the flavor of your chosen beans.

Grounds are stored in the built-in doser that can dispense up to 7 grams of ground coffee with the spring-loaded dosing lever. Pull the lever once for a single shot, and twice for a double. The MDF enjoys a small footprint compared to many grinders of its class at only 13 inches tall; a perfect fit under any cabinetry.

The high quality, impact resistant hard-plastic housing and commercial components make for a durable machine with excellent longevity. Commercial-grade components and Gaggia’s hallmark simplicity make the MDF an easy-to-use powerhouse, best suited as an entry-level grinder that will endure years of use. For many, the MDF will be your first grinder, and for some it will be the last you’ll ever need.


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